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...but I am actually more attached to John's legless hedgehog.
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That hedgehog is so cute! :love: Sherlock's generally associated with a otter or a cat though. These are the houses I imagine Sherlock and John in.
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Awwww...........cuteness!! :aww: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Too much cuteness argh JAAAAWN <3
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Why have I not faved this yet?
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Is that a hammerhead shark
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This is just too cute!! And so original. Fantastic. And as Sherlock put it- "Neat."

Oh, and here's a little John too- "Brilliant!"
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The little hedgehog is so cute! I want one!
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Have I ever mentioned how much I love this fandom?
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I just started to laugh.
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Why is that hedgehog so cute. I want a floating legless hedgehog...or just a hedgehog...
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lgs;oguadosgu oh my god this is TOO CUTE.
This makes me sound terribly stupid, but I have been trying to figure out all day now where the John-Hedgehog reference has come from in this fandom. XD

ADORABLE, by the way. <3
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! =D
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Cute picture! The hedgie is so adorable!
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it's just awesome and perfect in its own way :dalove:
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Awww, this is adorable and I just spent about five minutes squealing to my dad about it. I love Sherlock's expression and John's hedgehog.

I second someone's idea for this to be a wallpaper. : D?
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Ah, thank you so much! I've got it here in wallpaper-ish size: [link] Umm. Sorry if it looks terrible enlarged and stuff. :laughing:
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Yaay! It's my wallpaper now, and it makes me inexplicably happy. Thanks! And it doesn't look bad enlarged at all! :D
wibblywobblytimecake's avatar
Ah, I'm glad. @.@ You're welcome!
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Oh my, Sherlock looks a bit hammerhead-ish indeed~<333
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Oh, I thought it was a pygmy puff! :D
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