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Delicious, Delicious Crime

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Fighting crime by eating it.
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"hello i'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife."
rhar1703's avatar
I always wondered
are they going out?
Cafecita's avatar
They're married ;D
rhar1703's avatar
Dr. Who is incredible!!!
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
Hey, if it works, go with it.
Friendofdragons's avatar
Oh that's funny! I love those two, I hope they're coming back next season!
mynamefails's avatar
flying-katana's avatar
Yes, these two were awesome. >w<
LadyNinka's avatar
LUV THEM LUV THEM luv them both *O*
Santheum's avatar
These two were probably my favourite part of that episode. I love how you've drawn them here, so cute!
wibblywobblytimecake's avatar
Thanks! They were adorable and bamf, which is an amazing combination.

(I know you from Tumblr, don't I! Hallo!)
Santheum's avatar
'That one is definitely female!' They are amazing, I would love to see more of their awesome adventures :)

(Indeed! Hello :D I get very excited when I find other fan artists on Tumblr and Devianart and tend to add them on everything...)
Pale-Face-and-Rain's avatar
love them!
OrangePopFox's avatar
LadyLunaTheLunatic's avatar
she takes a bite out of crime? eh? eh? LAUGH DAMNIT!
wibblywobblytimecake's avatar
Eek! I'm laughing, see? I'm laughing! :lol:
Imzy's avatar
These two rock so hard! I love your style, very pretty!
PaintedParrott's avatar
Haha! This is the first Vasrta drawing I've actually liked! Good job and cool style! Love the colors and the composition. =)
HPGal3's avatar
Taking a bite out of crime
What I just said is so lame, I shoudn't've said it.
KaitousBlackWings's avatar
Super cute! These two were great in "A Good Man Goes to War" : D
PoufSouffle's avatar
This is precious! I love the colors! :heart:
Mariey's avatar
Hahahah! awesome :D
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