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Skaven Warlord

By wibben
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Love them rats..
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Hello Master Artist, I used your picture (giving you due credits of course !) to illustrate some fluff piece on our French FB page for the Ninth Age (link : web.facebook.com/9eAgeFrance/) The article in question is a story demonstrating how the Vermin Senate designates their war leaders.
The Ninth Age is a non-profit, community wargame. We're always looking for passionate artists to help us illustrate our new fantasy universe and join our Art Team ! Thank you for your amazing work !
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Exquisite Skaven artwork! Evocative and strong, almost Napoleonic vibes from that leader figure. Given your deft hand at illustrating the vile ratmen and all their loathsome ilk, you might be interested in knowing that Warhammer Fantasy have a community driven spiritual successor project under steam. Namely, The Ninth Age: www.the-ninth-age.com/

It is fully possible for previous Warhammer fanart to be submitted to T9A, and if their iconography doesn't constitute IP infringement they may well make it into full army books, full credits given. Obviously, such an ambitious project is always welcoming artists, for artwork is what makes or breaks a professional polished product. This is a chance to have one's ratmen art under an official stamp, and moreover to develop the ratmen aesthetic. The Ninth Age is even more historically grounded than Warhammer Fantasy was, and as such even the Skaven are based on a historical realm. Byzantium: www.the-ninth-age.com/index.ph…

Gallery upload in case of interest: i.imgur.com/jpGA0Ew.jpg

Just mentioning. In any case, great artwork! Have a good day. :)
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Also, as a final follow-up: If you would ever be interested in joining the Ninth Age's art team, then just say the word and I can get you into E-mail contact with the head of it, should you ever happen to be interested: i.imgur.com/dlmQkB6.jpg

Kind regards
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That's pretty brutal
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great work man!
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Coolest Skaven I've ever seen. Damned rat-fiends. Lustria belongs to the Old Ones.
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so awesome! Love it!
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the Skaven aren't given eough credit lol,  this is wonderful !!
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