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What if my hero was a girl? Link

Soooo here i have yet another genderbend from my series "The Smash Bros. Project!"
This time i made link (or is it Zelda cosplaying link?...who knows XD)... it was really nice to draw her since Link is my favorite Nintendo character... hope you guys like her!

This piece will soon be on my Patreon account for those ones that want exclusive content like original sketches, hd images, NSFW version, etc., so stay tuned (^_^)//
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I love this link's face expression is adorable. The detail is amazing and the green nails are perfect. 
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Hey thanks for notice those details xD
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...*sighs longingly* :love:
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As a Link Main, I am very okay with this.  So long as she still sees herself as a heroine.  Too many genderbent Links either lose their ability to fight or devolve into mindless sex toys.  Women can be warriors, too!

Aaand yeah, heels are hard enough to just wear, let alone fight in.  They look nice on her, though.
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I think the same way, all the genderbent Links ive seen are really delicate.. xD
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She's gorgeous in green! And not bad with a sword.
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😁 glad u liked her
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Far better than boys :D
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Thank u very much n_n glad u liked it xD
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I will someday n_n
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o no i meant @ title "What if my hero was a girl?"

basically if link was a girl, linkle is the absolute equivalent. xD
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Ohh that is probably because i made this piece before i knew about linkle n_n
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Seems legit lol.
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Thanks i guess n_n
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Oh you done link... but not WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 ?
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