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EDIT: The local soap company has released the first official trollface merchendise on the market!  TROLLFACE SOAP.  Scrub your friends, scrub your nuts, or wash out the mouth of a child who has spoken one too many a foul word.

BUY SOME.  OR DON'T.  It's worth noting that I get a pretty fair share of the profit, and as soap goes, it's pretty cheap.  So buy some why don't you.

//from the last post//

I wanted to see if I could garner some interest in official t-shirt sales.  At this point, it's safe to say that Trollface is pretty much instantly recognizable to any regular on

My mom mentioned the other day the sheer volume of trollface related products being carried on  She then mentioned that I should try and sell my own, which I thought was sort of a dumb idea given that anyone could just get one from Zazzle. Then I realized "oh wait, it's -mine-"  So after politely asking Zazzle to take everything down (all 680 or so products), I started thinking a little bit more about making t-shirts.  

The first place that came to mind was Hot Topic, primarily because they deal in internet humor/culture novelty tees (I can hear hissing from the oldies).  I called them up yesterday, and I was surprised to find that they're pretty receptive when it comes to pitching ideas.  Granted, I will have to provide some evidence that Trollface is as popular/recognizable as I claim it to be, but I doubt I'll have much difficulty with that.

So hopefully, if I can convince Hot Topic that my Trollface is worth putting on a shirt, then perhaps you'll be seeing troll face available at your closest Hot Topic, or at the very least in their online stores.

If by some miracle this all goes through, I'd appreciate anyone who has always wanted a quality trollface shirt to buy one from them.  It's a big if, but I think I can make a good case for trollface.
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hey, can i make customized troll face t-shirts here in my country? if its okey for you that you would grant me with proper authorization to fabricate my own personal trollface tshirts with quotes ^_^

nice addresss CARLOSSSSSSS wow.....

proof of copyright for all those bitching.... nice address by the way Carlos.
Trollface in soap? what is this i dont even
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
Trollface in soap? what is this i dont even
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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If you need the money, then why not? But don't get too "money hog" if you know what I mean.
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On the one hand, Hot Topic.

On the other, :iconawesomefaceplz: and other internet icons already have T-shirts. So I guess it's up to you.
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Dude copyright the troll face as fast as you can, go to and fill out one of those forms.

And I'd totally fucking buy a trollface tshirt, as a matter of fact I've been wanting to buy a black leather biker jacket with trollface on the back.

If you could make this happen it would be EPIC! :iconcooltrollplz:
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D: Will the soap troll you when you use it?
"Problem, dirty hands?"
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Yeah, I'm afraid that the soap will give me AIDS and then the trollface will still be grinning.
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Since the entire point of the shirt is trolling, wouldn't most of the people that want a Trollface shirt deliberately buy one from a source you are not associated with, to deprive you of profit and thus troll you?
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That's not nearly as awesome a troll as funding the man who was behind the trollface so he could put the money to even more grand trolling efforts.
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Didn't you openly admit that you got lucky with the attention Trollface has received? What makes you think that you'd come up with another meme that the internet would respond so well to?

If you can't protect it well, then you don't deserve to make the money from it, and as long as there are people out there that know exactly how to exploit the system to make profit from other peoples' work, the creators of original content will always be a step behind. (Eric Bauman's living proof.)
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Nobody has exploited the system thus far. Zazzle and cafepress both complied when I asked them to take the shirts down, and people here are always passing me notes when other places use the trollface so I can notify them that they're using copyrighted imagery. I can assure you that I've got my bases covered, if anyone is turning a profit on my trollface, it's probably so little that I'm not going to bother ruining their fun.

And where did I mention that I was going to come up with another meme? I never said that, nor do I expect it to happen. What I did say was that I would hope to produce something that gets attention on its own merits (in particular, a videogame). I don't think it would be as popular of Trollface, but I would personally be much more proud of it.
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There will eventually be a site that will intentionally drag their feet on acknowledging your copyright, long enough for them to make a significant amount of money in the meantime.

Video game, hm? I'll do my part in seeding the torrent when it's released.
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I don't think anyone really has that much of a grudge on me to do something like that, and if they had the capital to produce a product like that en masse for distribution, realistically, I think they would be investing it in something more profitable. And if the did have that kind of means, that would make them an easy target for lawsuit. But I don't see that happening, don't get your hopes up.

And as for the torrenting, there won't be any need for that. The game client will be free for download. I might implement online multiplayer with server authentication for people who donate, but other than that, the main game will be free for whoever wants it.
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i only use jewish soap sorry :(
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At least now you're getting a profit. Hope it all works out well and not like the girl that created the AWESOME emoticon...
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Have extremely mixed feelings on Trollface shirts at Hot Topic. On one hand, Trollface on a shirt, wherein Mr. Whynne gets credit (and monies). On the other hand... I have to shop at Hot Topic.
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Well. If you like the idea of supporting me, and don't like the idea of shopping at hot topic. Send a dollar to my paypal and I'll give you a quick rub 'n' tug to show my appreciation. Or if you're not into that, maybe I'll just draw something hilarious and post it.
ToFB-The-Baconator's avatar
That's... actually a pretty agreeable idea.
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You have made one fatal flaw: /b/tards never wash.
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Well, this one was actually made for the reddit group because they really wanted it, so I know they're going to buy it.

If anyone else buys one, it's a bonus for me, I guess.
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I will probably buy one, but I prefer shower gel to soap, so I'll wait until I get some more disposable income.
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