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The pain numbed and bled into his scarlet stripes, dripping off of his fur and onto the rock that was his throne.

"Vengeance," he thought to himself, the growl building in his throat. Once their necks were in his claws, he'd have them begging for mercy.

And he'd stare into their faces, unleashing a roar from his maw...

Vengeance, blood on his claws, a shade of red he could scarce forget, spilled onto the verdant greens of his home. Never to be wiped off, never to be flaunted.

But always respected.

A token of his desire, his passion, his ambition, his pride, his honor, his suffering, his pain, his... shame, like the arrows that now stained his flesh...

His Vengeance.

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Omg this is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks so much, damnnnn. This is so good 🖤🖤🖤
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It seems so real. Great job!

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'i am Vengeance Served!"

Great Work!

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This is dope! I love it!
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Thank you so much!

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Uhh, nightmare fuel. I feel so bad for this pretty beast bleeding cos of those arrows:(

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This is so amazing and beautiful... Great artwork you've got there 🥰

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Oooo great concept, the mythical RED TIGER!

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Crazy job this is amazing
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Thank you so much!

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Love how glowy it is!

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"a mancub becomes man and man is FORBIDDEN"

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Its pewdiepie's tiger
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Beautiful the glow to the eyes and the subtleness of the arrows. I love how the affect on the fur colors looks like bleeding red and pink.

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