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By whydoidothis
this was tony hangin on to the world...
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500x753px 360.26 KB
Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/1600 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 26, 2006, 6:20:18 PM
© 2006 - 2021 whydoidothis
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sxc-chica-xoxo's avatar
this is really cool!!
whydoidothis's avatar
thank you very much!!!
martasmarta's avatar
haha. this is absolutely great!
whydoidothis's avatar
haha thanks very much!!!
ah, man, that's psycho... lol... that messes with my mind... ahh. i cant look at it anymore lol... too crazy
awesome man
whydoidothis's avatar
:lmao: haha thanks, i need to do it in a feild somewhere so i can make it look more realistic.... thanks on the feedback tho... :D
bigsdawg's avatar
Nice photo. Very active, it's a shame the focus seem a little too close and his face is ever so slightly out. Love the tones and the vignette (did you post the vignette?).
whydoidothis's avatar
didnt even notice the focus issue, thanks i may sharpen it up a bit...yah i vignetted it in raw editor...
bigsdawg's avatar
It's nothing major just thought I'd mention it. It's a stellar photo.
whydoidothis's avatar
cool, thanks d00d
beautifultruth's avatar
excellent flippage!
whydoidothis's avatar
emochick91's avatar
ohh ahh, i really like it! i havnt seen alot of photos at the angle the person is looking, so there not really upside down. confussing! anyways, i like!
whydoidothis's avatar
haha yah it was a flipped low-angle, its pretty coo i guess...
whydoidothis's avatar
ill tell him not to... :D
tonyalmond's avatar
I'm thinking I'll let go next time. I've always wondered woud it youd be like to fall.
whydoidothis's avatar
haha yah since it looks like your really holding on for dear life... i was gonna photoshop your shirt out to make it look more realistic and give you pancake nipples just to bother people :rofl:
You're getting much better at where and when to dodge and burn. Appropriate this time. :)
whydoidothis's avatar
haha i didnt dodge or burn anything...
Andross01's avatar

That's what I was looking for....
Andross01's avatar
Sorta the idea I had, but I wanted to emulate =ZjeerY (field with tall grass instead)
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