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Hello everyone!

Myself :iconjojiamystie: had redone my personal ''Senshified'' self
Senshify Yourself Personal Project Redone Colored by JoJiaMystie
Realistic Sailor Solarion by JoJiaMystie

Then :iconnads6969: decided it would be fun to give it a try too
Senshify yourself by nads6969

I thought it was very fun to have someone else doing this and it gave me a super idea.

Wouldn't it be fun to have more people join in to do this to? We could form and super Senshi team what do you think?

If you want to give it a go, do it! I will add yours on this page as well if you do. I'd love to see all of you!

Have a nice day!


Here are all the others that may join this

We have :iconprincesssailorcomet: who made this one :)


Then we have :iconusako89:

Senshifyyourself-Sailor Blakkatt by Usako89

Another awesome entry by :iconlynnmoon:

Senshify Yourself by LynnMoon

Another one! ^-^ This time by :iconsailorsunphoenix:

me as Sailor Sun by SailorSunPhoenix

Also :iconkatiasunna: made herself as her Sailor Sun

Another super cool Senshified portrait by :iconsnowlyn:

Senshify Snowlyn by Snowlyn

A new one by :icontheanomally:

Senshify Me by TheAnomally

New one by :iconangelofbeauty88:

Senshified Me - Forbidden Hades by AngelOfBeauty88
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*Note me if you'd like me to add your contest to the list*





*To add a link to your Otaku's website, simply note me*

Sailor Solarion's website click on the…

Sailor Moon Neon Goddess
Audio Drama's Website click on the neongoddessaudiodrama.yolasite…
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The group supports all quality of works, but as much as possible, submit your finished works (coloured or lineart). If you really want to submit quick sketches, submit it to the ''Sketches'' folder.

Respect EVERY Artist!

We will not tolerate unnapropriate comments about a work or artist in the place. Any member and/or deviant who does so will be removed and blocked from the group.

The term MARY-SUE is NOT ACCEPTED HERE. If you think that someone's senshi is a "Mary-sue", then please keep it to yourself.

Artwork must be your own!

If you really want to submit Doll makers, Pixel bases or edits, submit it to the gallery ''Doll Makers, Pixel Bases and Edits''. If it is not submitted to this gallery, the submission will be declined.

Members must be a fan/creators of OC Senshi.


-You must be a member to submit artwork!
-Otaku Senshis only. You can only submit artwork of the original Sailor Moon characters only if they are in a in a group pictures with Otaku Senshis.
-Members can submit up to 10 pieces of work PER FOLDER PER DAY.
-Again, submit artwork to proper folders!
-We will not accept work if it is not done by you! If another artist drew/ created it, and you uploaded it into your own gallery, IT WILL BE DECLINED. We do not support this!

If anyone would like to share ideas for this group or suggest a contest theme, feel free to note me anytime!

***If I already drew your OC, it will be a pleasure for me to add it to a gallery as long as you ask me to do it so that I have your approval ***

***If anyone wishes to advertise about a contest they are currently having, feel free to note me and it will be a pleasure for me to add it to the group's journal!***






**Good friends with great groups in the Sailor Moon Fandom! Feel free to visit and join them!**



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Hello everyone!! I'm the founder of :iconhumanandmore: We are supporting a challenge: create your own fantasy OC!! please, visit us and take a look! You may like it! Have a nice day!
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Thank you sooooo much!^^ The more people who know the better. I'm just so upset at the lack of female characters in this game, so I feel really strong about this!^^
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Aww no problem ;)
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