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new oc by WHOSHI1 new oc by WHOSHI1
his name is pazzo wich means crazy in english
i really like is plushie and his mask ack

name: pazzo
fullname: pazzo, nightmare
gender: male
age: 29
personality: insane, crazy
species: cat
type: cyclops
sexuality: asexual
talents: fighting
stuff the does: murder, eat, sleep

pazzo is a very crazy cat when he was little he loved everything he was a very sweet cat until he got into some medicine when he was 8 he got addicted too it then he became crazy his family started to realize his behavior then took him to the hospital the doctors pumped his stomach (its when doctors make you throw up to get unhealthy stuff out of your stomach) when pazzo was 16 he murdered his mother then his dad got mentally ill he was left with is uncle pazzo ran away to live on his own he then lived in the forest for 3 years then pazzo ended up in a city he murdered someone in a apartment then took there apartment.

his father loved him very much on the other hand his mother wasnt very fond of him one day when pazzo was 6 his mother stuffed his face in a boiling pot of hot water and his mother did many things to hurt pazzo 
when pazzo wasnt crazy he usually tried to avoid his mother so he wouldnt get hurt nut he would normaly spent time outside with his friends 
although he only had a few he still loved them but when pazzo began too turn crazy he murdered them by torture at the age of 9 then he began to hurt his bullies he also started to hurt his mother too 

when pazzo was crazy many people would see him as insane weird wild angry etc.
his teachers would even keep a "safe" distance from him 

lol thats all

hes my fursona btw
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December 22, 2017
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