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Statistic by whorer-movie Statistic by whorer-movie
Statistic: "30% of Women Killed Are Murdered By Their Boyfriends or Husbands."
How sad:(.
Our SAVE group (students against violence everywhere) did a project where some of us stood on street corners with statistics on Domestic Violence.
I didnt get to because Im working on a CD cover that Ive been meaning to do for awhile now, but I managed to get a few shots of my bestest friend Gillernnniiee:heart: Holding one of the signs.

Its not my best work, I know this.
I just thought the message was a good one.

May be scrapped Later

is the one holding the sign.


Edit: sorry about the water mark.
I hope you understand
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LuizC91 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Student Interface Designer
For me those "men" aren't boyfriends or husbands, those "men" are just a lot of pieces of shit. Just saying...
TrainTruck73 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018
Well the worlds is an dark place as there is the gf and bf thing you got there, but what about alone when not to be loved and some just lost. We all do have many stories to say and tell upon this world that some can and some can't be help for how we always change things. But alone there could be an bright star somewhere out there for home to call as it seems your alone in dark or just shows like it. As it is an sad place around different parts of the world to live upon but there are also things that can bring kind around to showing us sides on one to other. Just hope yours isn't been bad as you do look the type that stands out of millions then inside the crew of groups to be the same.
Megaloceros-Urhirsch Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
70% are men who was killed by their girlfriends and wives.
CatThingy Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Hobbyist
I like the picture... But what's up with the ""?
cpmcpm13 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
Hi, that symbol means a o  instead of a 0 (zero) it's used when both o0 are together
Flying-Snake Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always thought that zero is striked...
And I'm sure that in English and Polish zero is striked instead of letter o...
kavsikuzah Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Sapphire247 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
That is so true
Nyffetyff Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Student General Artist
using 's instead of o's looks REALLY weird to a norwegian.
MarkAged Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010
How do we know it's %30? Did someone got though every single record of dead women, and compile all the data? If so, Kudos to whoever did that much work.

But really, sounds like pure bullshit to me.
Techno-Equinox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
lovely picture, it's really striking. although to be honest i thought the percentage would have been a lot higher than 30.
B4NSKY-DAHM3R-SOUL Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010   Filmographer
brokenBLOODEDwings Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2009
the truth hurts, and mayb that y i will never get into a relationship
laylayca Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009
featured here [link]
krumbs Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
Ugh...singlehood seems so attractive to me right now. There seems to be no good guys out there anymore.
alex-Oo Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
your amazing work has been featured here: [link]
CastleInTheAir Featured By Owner May 22, 2009   Photographer
raptor02 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
ummm...this shouldn't be true
ilovebobmarley86 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Absolutely horrible, very sad, and so very true statistic. Good message, b/c I don't think most women realize this. Thanks for posting.
ProfRasah Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008
This is good! A Powerful message!
Keep it, please, on your main gallery. Don't scrap it.
x-your-suicide-rose Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
This is so sad, but inspiring.
I was looking at your picture an this poem popped into my head.
waqwarrior Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2008
What kind of jerk would DO something like that... how sad... Women deserve to be treated better in today's world.
girlsobloody Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
That\'s very sad. . . the thing is; some men kill their woman because of something senseless!! i heard once that there was girl who was murdered by her husband because the guy guest was flirting with her or something so the husband went to his room and got a shotgun and shot both the man and his wife!! Though his wife wasn\'t flirting back or even sit with the guest!! I guess he took jealousy to the extreme...

There\'s a saying in Arabic which states: \"and from love, what kills.\"
Divine-Right Featured By Owner May 11, 2008   Photographer
While that statistic seems poignant and meaningful at first after thinking about it for a minute I realize that the vast majority of people murdered are done in by someone they know and usually by someone close to them. It's only logical that many of those someones would be their spouse or significant others. It's not fair to say that men are responsible for this either. I'm sure 30% of the men who are murdered are killed by their wife or girlfriend or they would be if men weren't so much more likely to die in other violent ways.
cyferredrose Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
lol i love it.

youre realy interesting. beatiful even. your point of view shows in your work . keep it up ;)
Bloodymarja Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2008
I get confused of the Ø´s in the picture. It is hard to not read em as ø but o´s since I got them in my language. But I like it anyways. :)
boywhodraws Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
the best protest signs are always the ones that just tell it as it is.
WillPunisher Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008
its times like this that i must say i am ashamed of being a guy to find out that there are so many cowards out there.
ThereminStudio Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
how horrible D=... there shoudnt even be any murdering at all =(
CorrayOf-D00M Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2008
gotta teach em bitches whos BOSS

j/k, that is sad though, some people are assholes
xXthis-is-lifeXx Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007   Writer
So sad but, so true.
glowinthedark Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2007
that's a horrible statistic...:(

i like the shot and this has a powerful meaning.
iswai Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
mmmm. somehow, I'm not surprised.
the world's just cruel like that.
you gotta peel away the layers that make you cry, and find the core of inner happiness.
kinda like an onion, but if you keep peeling, there's nothing... there.
.... dang.

okay, I like this picture.
the bright and cheery part is the sun and light outside, but the sign comes to your eyes and it gives you information that's enough to make your heart cry out.
it's beautiful. and your friend is very pretty, by the way.
maryana01 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2007
this is amazing hun
i'm doing my own statistic series and if u wouldn't mind i might use this one
gerunding Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
Heh, women.
dcamacho Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2007  Professional Photographer
This one has been feature on my “The W Word World” journal

Take a look, i hope you like it

zsofigirl Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
I didn't know that... it's such a sad fact :(
visual-impulse Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2007   Photographer
Besides the picture, I think the message you are sending across is beautiful. I also work for a Domestic Violence Prevention organization called Close to Home. Awesome work, will definitely favorite.
alleycat19 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007   Photographer
I have your photograph everywhere. Even though you may not feel it is a great piece, it still manages to get to me everytime I see it.
McKenzie-James Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
interesting statistic, but isnt a high percentage of murders done by sumone the person knows anyway... still, its pretty bad...
Sizab Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful and nice angle.
Now what are the statistics of husbands and boyfriends who commit murder because they're girlfriend/wife cheated on them?
McCabe Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
i feel there must be more to this statistic, does this apply to the entire world? personally i feel it's quite biased, i'm not excusing idiotic dickheads who beat/kill their girlfriend or wife, but in all fairness, couldnt you reword that stastic to '30% of all women killed didn't have the guts to leave their abusive husbands?' very very rarely when there is a death due to domestic violence is it a one off event, usually in cases like that there would have been violence going on for a while and one day it'd go TOO far. if you are campaigning against violence everywhere why specify it to men killing women? it puts out the wrong message i think.
MilkAndCigarettes Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007
A great person once said, that Love is actually having the trust in your partner that they won't kill you in your sleep.

And despite this statistic seeming bad, women also kill men. We aren't really that evil, compared to the higher death rates in women from breast cancer and heart attacks. They are the true criminals, not guys.
luvluvanimeluvluv Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007
wow...a very strong photograph...
I have a project im doing on domestic violence, do you mind if i use this as reference? =] it will be perfect for it.
world-of-rubaa Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2007  Student Interface Designer
I can Understand about Your Watermark!!! Your Photos are SOOOOOOOOOOO Famous!!! *faves* <3
luminarylegacy33 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007
A sad truth...
KeeFTW Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
80% of statistics are made up? xD
Floating-Through Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
omg...this is just wonderful....i don't know what else to's very true, and heartbreaking but it's important to get that out no matter how you do it...
Aki-Sha Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
It's a beautiful shot of her and I hope you never scrap this photo later. I think the angle and the way she hung her head made it all the more out there as to look at me...see the truth of the world.
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