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I couldn't help but overhear Sega's announcement of Puyo Puyo Fever 2 - and the fact that of all things Arle was once again booted from the primary cast. It was bad enough that all she got was a cameo in the first Fever - and Sega would keep her from the spotlight of the game that was originally hers? The game that she and the rest of the cast of Madou Monogatari brought to fruition? Y'know, I'm beginning to wonder if she'll even be in the game at all, locked in a closet somewhere to keep her from the game that's supposed to be hers along with another girl from another puzzle game that ended up getting overrun by pocket monsters...

"I wouldn't be so smug if I was you. At the rate Sega screws over their franchises, you'll be the one in here next year!"

Yes, that's right. Puyo Fever 2. And no Arle. Sacreliege, I tell you!

This was a large scale picture in Photoshop 7; the final full size ended being something like 12x20". Coloring and shadows were done in Photoshop as normal... and the background image was pencilled and markered on paper. I wanted to do something cool and obscure so I ended up adding in references to series that were mutilated for US release, dragged into the ground or haven't been seen for a long while. I ended up forgetting about one reference I really wanted to add until AFTER the image was finished, and Arle's head ended up blocking one reference entirely and obscuring another. I did manage to fix it in Photoshop, thank the gods.

The full list of background references is:
  • Tetris blocks: Tetris series. Tetris Worlds continues the grand tradition of dragging the series through the mud.
  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86): Initial D. Tokyopop, why the fudge did you have to replace the music? It was perfect in the first place! And don't get me started on the manga!
  • Mushroom: Super Mario series. Mario Sunshine did not appeal to me. I played it once and didn't feel like cleaning it out after I finished. Mario 64 was a better game.
  • Chocobo, White Mage and Mog plushies: Final Fantasy series. X pissed me off. X-2 was purely fanservice. And XI was online only. It's been going downhill since VII, and I don't even want to try XII at this point.
  • Kunio's uniform: Kunio series. Seriously, River City Ransom was quite kickass and we never got the sequels. We want a new - and I mean new, not a remake - Kunio game! They rock!
  • Straw hat: One Piece. I hate you with a loathing passion, 4Shame^H^H^H^H^HKids Entertainment.
  • Sophia tank: Blaster Master. The Playstation remake was a piss-poor adaptation of an awesome - if hard - game.
  • Pokeball: Pocket Monsters series. The last good game was a remake of the original - you tell me, is that sad?
  • Cards: Yu-Gi-Oh!. The series was insanely cool up until the point that Kazuki Takahashi focused solely on the card game, and the dub ended up destroying everyone's characters in the process. On that note, it's done pretty good for itself considering the whole game is a parody of Magic: The Gathering.
  • Bow, arrows and wings: Kid Icarus. Last seen as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Key of Star: Cardcaptor Sakura. I contemplated throwing Sakura into the picture as well, but settled for this instead. That series was butchered worse than anything 4Kids has ever done - or could possibly ever do - and I thank the gods that Pioneer saw fit to release the full series and both movies in an uncut form.

    The reference I missed: Mike's yoyo from Startropics. If you've never heard of the game... well, your loss.

    Anyway, now I rant. I was wholly pleased at Photoshop 7's responsiveness in this endeavor - and to think I'm not even done yet. I still need to tweak the image but the bulk of the work is done.
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    Arle and Lip are still in shadows for americans. No cameo for Lip in American localization of Panel De Pon DS, no import for Captain Rainbow-game where she makes an appearance...
    While we don't never get Puyo games imported anymore and Sega continues playing with Madou Puyo characters and even make Arle wear a school uniworm. (In Puyo Puyo 2 Arle said in one cutscene that she prefers to wear just the same clothes everyday, every year.)

    If I could reproduce both series, I'd totally make a crossover game.
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    Well, I know this art is old and you probably already knew this, but Amitie stopped being the protagonist and got replaced with Andou Ringo in Puyo 7. Just if that doesn't make you peeved... Why is Pikachu in there?

    And the Japanese version of One Piece in HEART-WRENCHING, stupid 4kids ruining it. <_<
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    I`m a Puyo fan too Benpc91... I like it... but why LIP IS TIED?!..

    Good work...
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    Startropics? I've played that game, and it's sequel as well.
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    I find this increasingly hilairious, because it's probably true. And the characters look very nice as well.

    This shall be faved. and in case you don't know what the quote at the top means, then look at this: [link]
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    Well, here's a blast from the past. If you combine a bean with a panel, what member of the TA forums (that never visits now) would you get? :P

    I agree with you all the way, but I cannot see how Amitie could take over the Panepon world (Unless of course she uses the help of Popoi to cast the faeries into a Black Hole then job done, but Popoi would have other plans...). Sega really are not using the Compile cast effectively enough in the Fever series, despite having the rights to use the original cast at free will. They've once again (and she is in Fever 2) used Arle and Kaa-kun (Carbuncle) as cameo roles. The first Fever is arguable. Fair enough, Arle is a moderately rubbish stage, whereas Kaa-Kun will kick arse if and when needed, but, I guess watering the game with tonnes of extras based on more original Madou/Puyo games (such as Madou Monogatari Puyo Box for the shops) is going to make it okay... -_-

    It's a shame, no, it's a damn shame. Puyo is practically a Japanese tradition. But, if it keeps them happy, what can we do? Pitch outside Sega's HQ with burning torches and pitch forks?

    The art, I love it! It's brilliant. That's wallpaper material and you know it!
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    Bowser o_O Where the fudge did you come from?!
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    I've always been around (and my real nickname is Tomatzu, I just used Bowser before as he was the only TA character I could relate to when I originally joined the boards), though with most places, I'm rather quiet. Maybe I should pay a visit back to the TA forums some day.

    Most of my time is just spent making music, or trying to find money to get to University. I've not really been majorly interest in Puyo (shock), though I'm saving up for a DS so I can get both PPF and PPF2 for it. I'm enjoying my Uni course though, and that's keeping me entertained. If you want to catch up, let me know. ^_^
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    This is hilarious being that I'm a puyo fan, I thought they did basicly the same thing.
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    heh, I think I told you this, but you seem to have missed it or given it a pass: Don't forget about the Genesis Blaster Master 2, which is also tripe.
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    Ahh, i like how you did this. Very symbolic.
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    What's the jewel from? Sonic?

    Good art, by the way.
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    That's a chaos emerald from sonic, if I'm not mistaken.
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    I salute you for your mad photoshop skills. *salute* This piece came out really well, and I like the look of the sketchy, painted backround. Your proportions and figures are good, especially since it's tough drawing someone tied up and hanging there. Give yourself an extra pat on the back.

    As far as 4Kids go, I'm behind ya all the way. Have you seen how bad Shaman King was butchered?
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