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Paper Quilling Harry Potter House Crest-Slytherin

I have been paper quilling for a long time, and finally decided to marry my love of Harry Potter with my love of Paper Quilling! Quilling is a lesser-known art done by taking thin strips of paper, looping and coiling them into shapes, and creating colorful and intricate designs. 

If you're interested, here's the link to my etsy shop where these and other quilling art are up for sale :) (Smile)…

Lastly was Slytherin. I never really 'got' why there's any purple in the crest at all, and the design overall isn't my favorite, but I have to admit that it really lends itself to quilling. The ribbon around the edge especially. My favorite part is how the tail loops over itself at the end - surprisingly hard to do with paper strips)
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I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!! Obviously I'm a Slytherin but honestly I think this is the best one out of the four Hogwarts Houses you did! Although the Hufflepuff crest was pretty awesome too