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Scott Pilgrim Box Set Poster

By whoisrico
I recently had the pleasure of coloring this poster drawn by Bryan Lee O'Malley of his wonderful Scott Pilgrim cast! I love these characters, even the ones I hate.

This will be included with a box set featuring all the volumes from Oni Press. I've heard you'll be able to get the box and poster on their own if you have all the volumes.

drawn by :iconradiomaru:
colored by :iconwhoisrico:

Extra special thanks to talented illustrator :iconpunkbunny223: for slumming it by helping me out with with the flats! She's too good, GO! Look!
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omg... this was my phone background in 2015 for the longest lmao. i feel such a connection to this picture XD
MegaWillbound145's avatar
Ramona's a shemale and Scott's only dating her 'cause he's secretly gay.
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apriiilshmeh's avatar
I have the poster and it's awesome!
fluffypuff253's avatar
This is literally the only poster I own.
And I freaking love it, askjdakshakjfda
BaroqueWolfe's avatar
I saw this pic once on a video game magazine, pretty nice to see this on DA and be able Fav it.
Superjustinbros's avatar
I have this as a poster in my room!
It was so worth getting the box set. C:
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That's awesome!
Superjustinbros's avatar
I also have a poster of the live-action movie I bought from FYE back when the movie was just released on DVD.
I got 4 volumes and 2 more to go.
Been a fan since I watch the 2010 film almost 3 years ago.
Bryan is one of my favorite artists since Frank Miller. GREAT PIC, MAN!
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Kaminarai's avatar
Kickass! just got this with my box set
whoisrico's avatar
Awesome! Thanks!
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
I have that taped on the wall of my bedroom! XD
whoisrico's avatar
You have excellent taste! Ha! Thank you!
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
Your very welcome ^^
whoisrico's avatar
Thanks pal! Great meeting you at Heroes, wish I got to hang out more and I hope you had a great time!
StephenBJones's avatar
i wish i got to hang out more too! i definitely want to try and come back next year! :) i know i still owe you a sketchbook! :)
Fantashiama's avatar
what are those horseshoe looking weapons that knives is using?? They look awesome! I wanna use them for something but I dont know what they're called. :6
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