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Hey, remember me? Probably not; I haven't posted anything here in years!

I don't really have an interest in posting here anymore, but you can find me around the internet at these places:

Tumblr | Patreon | Twitter | Instagram |

And, of course, my webcomic, which has still been going all these years, is closing in on 700 pages in length, and is even going to end sometime this year.

I'm not deleting anything, so feel free to continue to look at my old art, and you can find more current stuff in my tumblr art tag.


Hi there, passersby!

If you happen to like my art and want to see more, my tumblr is where I tend to post less polished pieces.

I also have a webcomic if that suits your fancy. It's over 300 pages long, so there's a lot for you there.

If you want to hear dumb things I have to say, my twitter is the place to go.

If you want to email me about something, it's located somewhere on my dA profile.
So I think it's kind of obvious I've been paying more attention to the rest of the internet than I have to dA. While I haven't left by any means (and don't really plan to), there are other places, like my website, my tumblr, and my twitter that provide pretty much the same thing, minus the submission process.

But hey, I am still here, and I do check messages pretty often.

Anyways, I was tagged by :icontinytusks: for a meme, so here we go:


1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people.
We'll have none of that.

1. Beyond drawing fanart, I don't participate in fandom anymore. I don't have the patience for it, and I don't care about shipping.
2. Which means that even after all the Tales fanart I draw and my general obsession with Tales and a number of series, the only fandom I've seriously participated in for any length of time is Beast Wars. (No regrets there.)
3. I don't consider myself a serious artist, or even a very good one. I think I'd need more confidence if I was to pursue it seriously.
4. I am much, much more confident with my writing.
5. I LOVE MY COMIC. I think this is a important part in the creative process.
6. There is no number six.
7. I can tolerate movies of questionable quality, but bad books make me angry.
8. I live with a bunny named Frings because of course I do.
9. I work at an astrophysics lab! But I do not do astrophysics.
10. Actually, physics is easily my weakest science.

The end! I don't want to tag anyone because I am lazy.
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OH YEAH, I'm gonna be at Kintoki-con in Sacramento this weekend. It's the only Sac-area con I'm doin'!

Table 24!

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We'll be at tables 151-153! If you've got a 3DS, bring it along for streetpass tags! See you there!


Jan: :iconanimatey:
Madeleine: :iconimabubble:, Lust for Freelance
Hilary: :iconmirrankei:
Alix: :iconalixnich:
Sara: :iconwhoatheresara:, Prophecy Failed

With special guest,  Nainu! :iconnainu:

We'll be selling:
-Prints! (4x6, 8.5x11, 11x17)
-Cell phone charms!
-Custom paper fans!
-Original art!

San Jose, Memorial Day weekend! Be there or be square!
In the unlikely event you haven't noticed, I've been working on making prints to sell at Fanime! Fanime's at the end of May, but my friends and I are always scrambling to get things finished in time (last year, we stayed up most of the night making buttons), so I'm getting started early.

If there's anything you'd like to see me do, let me know and I'll consider it!

Also, my friends and I have made a group dedicated to terrible goats. You should check it out! :iconterriblegoats:

I'm probably not going to update my journal again for a good, long time, so if you feel like you're missing something, check out:
My webcomic (Updates twice a week)
My twitter
My formspring
My tumblr
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Gosh, it looks like I haven't been drawing lately, but that's pretty far from the truth! It's just mostly webcomic stuff. Since I've had a couple weeks off, I've been using my spare time to do things there that need done, like overhaul the character art, because ohhhhh man, the old ones hurt to look at.

I'm a lot more active in general at my site, so if you're genuinely curious about what I'm up to, that's always the safer bet.
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Hey, guys! I'm gonna be at APE in San Francisco next weekend! I'm trying to get some Prophecy Failed stuff together, but in any case, I'll be helping my Sleeper Entertainment friends out at their booth. So you should drop by and we will be cool kids.
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I haven't updated this thing in a long time! It's because I have been busy. Not much worth mentioning, but I did go to Anime Expo a few weeks ago! That was fun, except for the blisters, which weren't fun, though not nearly as bad as you'd think.

Prophecy Failed did have to go into filler and guest stuff, and I can't say that it won't happen again soon, but I'm working on a minor backlog to keep things running for a bit.

Also! I have a formspring thing! It's mostly for PF stuff, but I don't mind fielding other questions.
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I just got back from Fanime (yesterday)! I'll probably talk more about it at my webcomic tomorrow, but the short version is it was a lot of fun! Huge thanks to new watchers and anyone who stopped by!

I'm sloooooowly posting art as I get around to scanning it.

Looking into going to Snafucon in Reno in October! Maybe I'll have a new cosplay?
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Outdated entry was outdated.

Gearing up for Fanime! I wasn't sure if I was going this year, but I am, and so I'm working on new button designs and prints and stuff.
Buttons are $2 each, 3 buttons for $5, prints are generally $5 each, plus I'm offering commissions at $7/sketch, $10/ink* and $15/color.

I have a new kitten named Scooter. He likes eating, sleeping, biting me, and making sure I don't get much sleep. He dislikes baths and being hungry.

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Hey! I'm looking into getting a new laptop, but I've been out of the computer race for so long that I don't know where to start! I've got a good idea of the specs I want, but I keep hearing things about this brand or that brand being unreliable or awesome or whatever.

So if all of you with laptops could tell me what brand yours is and how much you like it (or don't like it), or anything to look our for, that'd help me get pointed in the right direction.

Sorry, no Macs, they're a bit outside my price range.

Also, this llama business is kind of ridiculous. I mean, I'm not going to begrudge anyone a llama badge, but spending points on them is kind of silly. Not that I'm not taking advantage of people trading llamas for points.
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I don't really know who Team Seeker is (unless you're talking about jets, but that's something else), but I really felt the need to express my love for them! I just love bandwagons!

Also, I'm taking anyone with a Lady Gaga avatar off my watch list. :| Seriously, you people have no taste in music.

By the way, I posted a bonus comic over at Prophecy Failed! You should check it out.
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Wombats are the marsupial equivalent of capybaras.

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I've been here long enough to know that every time dA changes something, the community goes crazy. Anyone who spends time in Complaints knows that the teeniest change will bring about twenty or so threads about why the change is BAD, how dA is going downhill, and they should change it back. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes people should either adjust or gtfo.

Anyways, I guess the people at dA HQ are going to be fiddling with some things, so now that you know, don't freak out too much if something's a little different.
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The email with the new conditions and pricing for SacAnime in September went out recently:

Small Press Zone tables for our September 2010 show will be re-locating to their own rooms in order to offer the artists full tables, better lighting conditions and a more secure location at night.
The rooms will be located in the courtyard close to the Console Game and Anime Viewing rooms.
The hours for these rooms will be the same as the Vendors room.
A 6' x 6' space will be $45 (tables not included).  You may provide your own tables or rent one from the Radisson for $30.

While they promise an improvement in spacing and lighting, the cost is that you have to bring your own table (or rent one), and the location is in its own little room, away from most of the rest of the con, so traffic will be waaaay down. While $45 is a much more reasonable price for an AA spot, you also have to factor in providing your own table, which means you're going to get a table, somehow fit it in your car alongside your art supplies (and probably friends), and then drag it way out to the AA room.

It is a compromise, and they did listen to our concerns, but the bottom line is I'm not going to a con where I'm going to lose money because of overhead from buying a table and poor traffic because I'm separated from the rest of the con and people probably aren't going to know I'm even there.

In any case, that's probably the last you'll hear of it from me unless someone else brings it up. Please continue about your business. :salute:
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I've been wanting to get that last entry off my page, but I haven't really had anything worth saying, but now I do! I guess!

The second chapter of Prophecy Failed went up just a few minutes ago! So clicky on the linky and read about the adventures of a pint-sized prophet, her guardian, a bard, and vagrant.
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Most of what I have to say about SacAnime can be found here, but I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped by*, especially those who bought something, and to my new watchers. You guys made it suck a whole lot less.

In any case, I'm going to try to get some nice fanart cranked out, once I get my webcomic back on track.

*Unless you're the people who took a photo of one of our prints, or the person who was eating ice cream right over our stuff. Don't do that.

[EDIT 1/16/10]: ph1shf00d, another person who was completely unimpressed with the way the conditions of the Artist's Alley at SacAnime started a thread about it on the SacAnime forums, detailing what needed improving. A bunch of us have chimed in, offered suggestions, and then the rates for AA tables at the next SacAnime were announced.

If you haven't been following along, SacAnime's Winter 2010 AA tables offered a paltry half a table for $60, which is incredibly steep (and small), considering the size of the con. (By comparison, Fanime is much bigger con and full tables top out at $40.) On top of this, half the alley was crammed into an alcove with pretty much no lighting (someone brought in a floor lamp, and a couple people brought table lamps from home). Many people walked right by the alcove without even glancing at it; everyone in there (which included me) lost business because of it.

The only person on the SacAnime staff to address our concerns (NikkieCole) was someone who also got shafted, and she doesn't seem to have any more pull than the rest of us, and she was just as shocked when the new AA rates were $75 for a full table, and no word on a different room, better lighting, or anything. NikkieCole has asked the person in charge of the AA to speak up and respond to everyone's concerns; he apparently can't be bothered to do it.

$75 is way too much to pay for a table and very, very uncertain conditions at such a small convention. It's highway robbery, and the guys pulling the strings don't seem to care.

tl;dr: Unless some radical improvements are made to the Artist's Alley, I'm not tabling at SacAnime again, and you shouldn't either.
Prophecy Failed has moved to Prophecy! There's a new page up today and everything.

Also, it snowed. :iconbathlaplz:
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...but only because I want to push that last journal off my page.

Prophecy Failed is moving soon!

Also, I am well aware of how hard to type "prophecy" is. I type it all the time and I still find it awkward.

*insert required griping about Christmas music here*