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Haiku at Night
Dark.  Eyes snap open
melt into your beating heart
secure in your arms
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 1 10
wild precocious heart
always moving at full speed
eyes sparkle mischief
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 3 14
Title Number Two by whoapony Title Number Two :iconwhoapony:whoapony 1 12
like a wolf
he surveys the flock,
chooses his prize
target selected
he advances
confident, cunning
weaving his web
with poison tongue
nothing dissuades
this hunter from
claiming his prize
a would be protector
vanquished with his sword
cries of his quarry
her pleas for reprieve
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 4 23
Snow Dogs by whoapony Snow Dogs :iconwhoapony:whoapony 23 13 Too Much Snow by whoapony Too Much Snow :iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 2
Irish Eyes
When you smile your eyes
smile with you,
flecks of light cavort
across their limpid surface.
I cannot resist
the pull of their gravity,
my heart buoyed
by their reflected luster.
In clandestine moments
your eyes transform,
piercing arrows of desire
sharpened by carnal hunger
penetrating into my veiled depths,
arousing sensations
never before known.
Sometimes your inner turmoil
overwhelms you.  Your eyes
betray your agony.
Pools of heartache.  Years
of bearing anguish for others.
Let me plunge into
your torment, help carry
your ponderous burden
'til your eyes find their
luster once more.
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 16
Cement blurs beneath pounding feet,
shoes crunching on brittle ground,
chilling breeze nips ruddy cheeks,
rushes into heaving lungs,
ponytail bouncing in rhythm with
pumping arms, churning legs,
racing heart.
Freedom found
on this open road,
legs moving faster
than racing thoughts.
Temporary relief.
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 5 51
I prowl the rooms of this empty house
heart throbbing, mind screaming
no respite on the horizon.
If I knew what I needed I would
do it, get it, find it.  Instead
my soul overflows with
Everything and Nothing
all at once.
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 3 25
all that's left
when the anger is spent
the sadness hasn't yet arrived
and the love has nowhere to land
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 7 27
Christmas Joy by whoapony Christmas Joy :iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 2 Cousins by whoapony Cousins :iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 4 Hang Ten by whoapony Hang Ten :iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 6
You hate that I'm always late
but you can get used to it.
You hate that I always
have a million things going,
but you don't complain too much.
My perpetual singing disturbs your solitude.
You grit your teeth and say nothing,
just another annoyance to bear.
But I don't deserve your indulgence,
tongue clamped between clenched teeth.
I deserve someone who loves
my roller coaster ride, someone
whose face brightens and heart
skips a beat when my music
floats over the air.
Take your superiority, your
Tolerance and get out.
I deserve better than you.
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 0 12
Puppy Christmas by whoapony Puppy Christmas :iconwhoapony:whoapony 3 28
Tea Time
The sharp whistle of the teapot sent the little girl running into the kitchen.  Her blue eyes danced as she gazed up at the smiling, wrinkled face.  “Grandma, it’s time, isn’t it?”
Gentle eyes smiled their answer.  The grey haired woman took a star crunch out of the package.  She sliced it into quarters and placed the pieces on a plate already half filled with gingersnaps.  Grandmother always cut the star crunch in pieces because she said that way you could feel like you could take several cookies without eating too much.  
The little girl carefully removed the diminutive blue glass pitcher and bowl from the cupboard and brought them over to her grandmother.  Grandmother poured milk into the pitcher until the cool liquid lapped at the scalloped edges.  Then she scooped sugar into the small glass bowl.  Her granddaughter was ready with the tiny silver spoon.  Tarnish l
:iconwhoapony:whoapony 3 10

Random Favourites

The boy took out a silver hook
and fastened it to a cobweb
and cast it across the summer night,
hoping for a prize
that he could tuck into his pocket
and put under his pillow
to dream upon.
He wanted to hear ghost stories
and taste wild strawberries
and swim in water so cold and clear
it would dapple his skin blue and make him shiver.
He wanted to catch starfish
and dig for stone crabs under the pier
and eat snow cones until he burst,
painting the night cherry red
with firecrackers.
He wanted to know the colors of an August moon
and touch the sharp edges of stars
and just for one night
to own the sky...
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 158 137
The room is dark enough to make you visible,
much more light and we might both of us melt away.
I don't believe that I have created you. You cannot simply
be my hallucination, no one in my dreams has ever been
as substantial as you. Step closer, let me see that motley
you are wearing. Have I clothed you in the remnants of my fading
desire? And you?  Have you arrived at last to set me free?
Can I slip off these rags of being? You touch my seeking hand.
I have hoped so long
For your arrival, take me
with you. We must leave.
:iconalecbell:AlecBell 3 18
Forbidden fruit: a lover’s caress,
Loftily dangling within tempting reach,
A sigh of contentment escaping your lips
The warmth of your skin melting into mine
Keeping us warm the night thru
Lover’s guilt at what was once lost
Before the knowledge of your embrace.
Downcast eyes swelling with tears,
Sullied innocence evident before questing eyes,
Promises broken in the gloom of darkened rooms.
Forbidden fruit, the juicy sweet tantalizingly
Bending the bough within reach.
Forsaken vows, lead astray, nary a word of complaint.
Veil my eyes that I cannot see
The tempting words and glances false.
Cloak my heart with Death’s Shroud,
Hide the dastardly acts of wanton men and women
Easing only bodily pleasures forgetting the
Pleasure of others.
Shreds of innocence mark my fall
Lead so willingly astray, the path hidden from my view.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 4 25
Valentine by Poetrymann Valentine :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 163 112
Mature content
Surrender :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 77 66
I fear forgetting,
of watching myself
disappear piece
by piece
but perhaps it’s
an unexpected
consolation, like grass
laying in the sun
cool breezes
gently helping me
forget that I don’t
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 26 66
when you say
you don’t need
you’re a liar
(we all need
what you
really mean
is that you
don’t need
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 33 78
Loonie Bin by liazrdqueen Loonie Bin :iconliazrdqueen:liazrdqueen 5 14 Tiles Squared by liazrdqueen Tiles Squared :iconliazrdqueen:liazrdqueen 4 6
Danger Sign
The thinly veiled threat of you
runs my jaw
like a black velvet finger
aching for riddles.
You are all soft silk and whispers
sweet suffering and innuendo
and a jade's game
that loves to taunt me out of my skin.
The unplanned danger of me
plucks your mouth
like a hornet stinging nectar,
drinking in your taste.
I am all nightshade and silver
coarse textures and rough propositions
and a rogue's game
that longs to leave you unhinged.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 114 67
8th February
Winter-shaggy pelt,
ears pricked, he sidles, caught out
by dawn’s first light
:iconalecbell:AlecBell 3 9
February 6 Haikuwrimo
red-faced bouncing boy
tumbling down the long wet hill
singing with the stream
:iconhamletspants:hamletspants 3 6
Behold by mygreymatter
Mature content
Behold :iconmygreymatter:mygreymatter 2 5
Study in Rust by mygreymatter Study in Rust :iconmygreymatter:mygreymatter 3 6 Sunset Over Montlake Bridge by e-CJ Sunset Over Montlake Bridge :icone-cj:e-CJ 27 35
Unhinge my thoughts
with the images
tucked under your blouse -
soft offerings of lace
that pull twilight's edge
wrapping my fingers
in silk stung knots
that unfasten buttons
and ripple your clothes
and leave me enthralled.
Unsettle my world
with the syllables
tucked under your tongue -
those sweet consonants and vowels
that lovers keep hidden,
stripping words down
to primal sounds
that chase down the dark,
and let my mouth wander
and trespass at will.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 106 80



I'd rather be riding
United States
Current Residence: Mt Vernon, Iowa
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything
Favourite photographer: Do I have to pick?
Shell of choice: Hermit Crab
Skin of choice: Better not say...
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Kermit the Frog
Personal Quote: "Hope springs eternal. Apparently hope is a slow learner" - Melinda Wichmann
Does anyone else feel like they can't get as much done as they used to?  I swear I used to get a lot more stuff done in less time.  I must be slowing down in my old age  :lol:

It's been a good spring.  I went to Montserrat, Missouri to watch the Montserrat Poetry Festival.  It was wonderful to meet dA friends I already knew and to meet some new friends as well.  I hope the festival will be able to continue and I can go back again and again.  Thanks so much to :iconmarzguy: for all of his work on the festival and his wonderful hospitality.  Thanks as well to :iconhamletspants: :iconalecbell:  :iconblueskye27:  :iconfrazzled-mage:  :iconcorvidae65: for making the trip to Missouri extra special.  I hope we can all meet up again in the future.

The next big adventure took me to Farmington, IA for a colt starting competition.  I drew a 4 year old, sort of halter broken filly in random draw.  Then I had three hours to start her under saddle on Saturday.  On Sunday I had 45 minutes to work with my filly before riding her in an obstacle course.  It was a really interesting challenge.  I thought I did pretty well with the filly I got.  I'm looking forward to giving it another try next year.

Many thanks to River Valley Lodge www.rivervalleylodgeandcampgro… for their wonderful hospitality and horses.  Also, a huge thank you is in order for :iconhamletspants: for his help, support, and picture taking skills.  Maybe next year I'll bring along a horse of my own so I can use the Horse Wash.  :giggle:

The horse business is slowly picking up.  My horses are making huge strides in their trainng.  School is out so I get to spend almost every day at work with my daughter.  It's wonderful to spend so much quality time with her.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I love her because she's my daughter.  I like her because she's just a great kid and a lot of fun to be with.  

Anyway, I'm off to work.  I've procrastinated too long already. :)  I will be catching up slowy but surely on dA if it kills me.  :lol:
  • Listening to: The voices in my head
  • Reading: On Hilter's Mountain by Irmgard Hunt
  • Watching: Spongebob. Sigh
  • Playing: with my daughter
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew soon


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