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PSA: Sneezing

I remembered that vampires don't breathe only after drawing this.

I did have the PSA announcement handwritten, but my scanner absolutely murdered it.

Dracula (c) Bram Stoker.
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Well, while I concur your assertion that the sneeze is not echoed dynamically through the entire image, thus diminishing the holistic effect, this is not an egregious artistic offense, quite the contrary, in fact, as the key focus of the piece withdraws from the obvious into an apparently classic pose, the viewer is presented with an amusingly abrupt paradigm shift by the text, thus, you have effectively increased thematic impact with the decrease of visual explicitness.

This sentence in honor of Baroness Emmuska Orczy.
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I'm glad it was in honor of someone because it completely fried my morning-foggy brain. You should really consider writing sentences for the SAT for high schoolers to translate.
I am quite glad I rendered the paradigm effectively though, especially as I could find no reference for this "classic pose" and was beginning to convince myself I had imagined it.
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Ha. Lord knows I need to follow this advice as I've sneezed at least 3 times today.