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In my yellow boots

Bombadil springs around on the fringe of country music, recording such hits as 'Goldberry' (sung to the tune of 'Mayberry';), 'With my Yellow Boots On', and 'Old Man Willow', which frankly edged into the Broadway/folk music territory.
He's notoriously camera-shy and attempting to chase him on the rare occasions he's seen has caused more than one incident with carnivorous trees.
All recordings are hand-delivered by a Barrow Wight and, quite frankly, no one wants to follow it back into the woods to find Tom.


Somewhere in the middle of trying to properly render Tom Bombadil, I realized he looked like a bard.
Then I realized he was.
So I am either clever in a roundabout way or lucky. Leaning towards the latter.

Tom Bombadil (c) J. R. R. Tolkien.
Resources: PS 7.0, pencils, landscape markers, scanner, and lots of erasing.
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I was always fond of Tom. I would have liked to have seen him in the movies.
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Even if Tom Bombadil actually scared me in LOTR.
who-the-moon-is's avatar
I always thought creepy things happened around him. I mean, they meet him while being attacked by trees, almost all the hobbits have nightmares in his house, and encounter the barrow wights directly after leaving him.
He's like a quest catastrophe that you have to pretend to like. Like Boromir!
*is scowled at by the entire fellowship*
WoodscourtBooks's avatar
LOL! Precisely! Although, to be fair, I actually did like Boromir. *shot*
who-the-moon-is's avatar
:giggle: He was a good guy, until he got corrupted. And he died well, "I have paid" as he put it.
Without Boromir, we wouldn't have the awesomeness of the Ents. Therefore, Boromir is worth having. *nodnod*
WoodscourtBooks's avatar
Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Frodo?
There's always such controversy about him.
who-the-moon-is's avatar
Ohhh Frodo. *grin* I had a massive crush on him when I was younger but right now I'm reading the Two Towers and... he's doing well, but thinks he's smarter than he is. He and Sam make a good pair; it just frustrates me that he thinks he's so smart when he... isn't. And Sam is this 'stupid' character who has much better ideas than his master on occasion.
I find him fascinating, whininess and responsibility and all. =D But I'm glad Sam's there to balance him out.
How do you feel about him?
WoodscourtBooks's avatar
I've always been a huge Frodo fan. It seems I'm always defending his standpoint because people think he's weak. My response is always, "Yeah, I'd like to see YOU do better in his shoes," which usually shuts them up. He IS a bit whiny, but ya know, I'm surprised he handles bearing the ring as well as he does. And Sam is an excellent character to go along with him. He really does balance him out. So, yes, I think we agree on Frodo. And I always had a crush on him too.
Oracle-of-the-Closet's avatar
Hmm, first a round thing and now hypothetical track listings; is it just me, or has your output been remarkably good of late?
who-the-moon-is's avatar
To be fair, the round thing is quite old. However, drawing on one thing leads to drawing on other things, particularly when time is in excess. Doing otherwise generates mental chaos.
DracoPheonus's avatar
And it was a smash hit! The records flew off the shelves like candy!
who-the-moon-is's avatar
Except for the traumatized hobbits, who couldn't listen to them without thinking of Barrow Wights and carnivorous trees. XD
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