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Feline Vengeance

For topic: Cats - Creatures of Mass Destruction.

I've been doing semi-real-artist things over the past... four hours. And a lot in class, mostly blind contour drawings.

This one isn't "pure," as I looked a couple times to make sure the kitty on the left's head wasn't one giant scribble. I could have drawn a puddle of blood to implicate the one was dead, but that would have required artistic invention, and killing a cat. The former is the only problem here.

Reference used from an "Icanhazcheeseburger" photo, with an "I will avenge you!" caption.... thingy. I stole it for my porpoises. =3
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lol Do you not like kitties?

I love the effects here; creepy and intriguing!
who-the-moon-is's avatar
I do like kitties! Sort of. They're fiendish balls of fur though, prone to scratchery.
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lol Amen to that! I love 'em too, little devils that they are.
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Nice. The creepy otherworldliness inherent in blind contours fits into this topic quite well.
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All you need to do is get the cat to roll in some ketchup.
who-the-moon-is's avatar
but they get so cranky when you do that.
shinraismybro's avatar
Cranky or dead. Take you pick. :la:
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