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"The Neverending Story" - p. 198. Michael Ende.

"Where I am no other living creature can exist. My presence alone would suffice to reduce everybody--even the most powerful of creatures--into ashes for thousands of miles around. That's why I'm called the Many-Colored Death and Lord of the Desert of Colors."

Bastian is the only one to mourn Grograman's death or to sleep between his paws.

Took me long enough to think of a subject for 'Desert' but it was actually reallllly fun to work on Grograman's fur and color and such. Bastian isn't very good, but... well, he's just not very good.

Grograman and Bastian Balthazar Bux (c) Michael Ende.
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I like it! Good pic
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Look, there's no lion in "The NeverEnding Story"! Not even in the sequels!

This is Fantasia, not Narnia!
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If you read the book, there actually is. 'The Neverending Story' was a novel by Michael Ende first and the lion appears there - the movie (and especially the sequels) didn't follow the book's plotline.
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Love the colors. He's one of my all time favorite characters from one of my all time favorite books :) I have some drawings of Grograman myself in my gallery. Just a very nice character in every way.
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You did a really good job at this, actually. The contrast really works here, and I think the parts that you used the colors on makes it even better (for example, using red in the foreground rather than, say, blue)
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Thank you. Using red was a change for me, as I usually use blue/blue-derivative colors most of the time. =) Glad you enjoyed it!
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That's really interesting. You did a good job at it, though. ^^
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A very beautiful piece here, I really enjoy the various and unusual colors displayed here, and really come sout to be a great dipiction of those words up there ;)
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Thank you! I'm glad it matches the words, as that's always the most difficult part (well, aside from anatomy).
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True that, I always find people capable of bringing out words in art as true and closely as possible to be very impressive
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Amazing vibrancy! I love the lights and shadows.
who-the-moon-is's avatar
Thanks. =) It was eye-ruining, but fun.
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I still like the style and coloring.

Really dark and shadowy in a lot of spots... but that kinda looks neat. I need to read that book one day, eh?
who-the-moon-is's avatar
Yeah, the dark and shadowy near ruined my eyes.I was trying to work as close to black as possible without losing much definition. @_@ Intense plan.

It's a very good book. Way beyond what they did in the movie.
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Wow, this is really good. I like the fur detail and high contrast shadows.

And it's also a good reminder that we should just do a straight Neverending Story topic sometime...
who-the-moon-is's avatar
It lends itself to some nice illustration ideas, that it does.

Glad you enjoyed. I was a little concerned that I had missed the Tatooine memo for this topic. =)
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And it was supposed to be a representation of a scene that happens a bit later. Which is why Bastian is there at all. Phoo.
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