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Al(tern)atives Map by who-the-moon-is Al(tern)atives Map :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 3 3 Clone Wars - The Son by who-the-moon-is Clone Wars - The Son :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 4 0 Art Trade: Mars by who-the-moon-is Art Trade: Mars :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 2 3
Al(tern)atives: Banquon exploits
The child had somehow managed to get himself turned into a wolf.
The night before had been a long one and, while Tern had insisted at the time that Murk needed the sleep, Tern had been the one curling up at the base of trees. Sometimes, when situations were frustrating, Murk could count how many ways the child could get himself killed if they were in Oppal. He stopped when it reached the mid-forties and started correcting Tern’s behavior.
But last night… walking while weary was often a bad move. Leading a child while weary was a fatal one, as the child, or your compromised leadership, could get you both killed. So, trees.
He smelled the Banquon ice wolves on the approach across the lake and chose not to move. Tern had done the same. Then, the scent had gone unbearably musky and Tern had stirred. A hand on his chest stopped him from getting up. If the wolf wanted to mark their tree as property, it hurt no one. Murk had taken the precaution of getting a vial of the stuff befo
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Nimbus [open]
Fire can destroy everything regardless of screams, cries, and the best of efforts.
After the wedding, Bridget went back to her bar and lit a match.
Settled into the foothills on the outskirts of Nimbus, the Clementine was a small local pub with hours as changeable as its owner’s mood. She had closed it tonight for the wedding. There were a few part-timers who could have had it open but it seemed right to close it tonight. She and the groom had had a history here and she hadn’t wanted anyone around if she had to come back.
Her gaze fell over the wooden countertops lined with deep cracks, the clean but elderly wooden stools, tables, and booths; a cramped little space hidden in the foothills of Southern California, just waiting for a match.
So Bridget gave it one. Some vodka-soaked rags from the kitchen too, because fire didn’t start as easy as all that. Illegal flame spread from chair to counter and ate the television-based poker game in the corner. It lapped up
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Al(tern)atives Character: Othello by who-the-moon-is Al(tern)atives Character: Othello :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 0 1 Al(tern)atives Character - Tern by who-the-moon-is Al(tern)atives Character - Tern :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 0 2
The Storm on the Way Home pt. 2
    It was a blink; an instant and complete transference of location. One moment they were in the pre-dawn haze, standing in a granite-strewn and bloodied field outside the city, then they were at the base of the inn stairs, Con dripping blood on the mopped wooden floor, and the bartender staring at them from inside his domain, so shocked he had stopped wiping down a mug.
    It didn’t help matters that Elysander was now as bad off as Con. Irene had to first guide the half-conscious philosopher up the stairs and lean him against the balcony railing so she could go back down and lead Elysander up. The half-elf protested heartily but used her support more than a little. His breath was hot and sweet-smelling on her neck as he explained that transporting two would wipe him out for at least several hours, as many as six. He apologized. He would be fine. This was just the way it was.
    Moments after she had gotten Con into t
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The Storm on the Way Home pt. 1
    Elves were untrustworthy skinflints who would trade with anyone, from humans to greystars, in anything of worth and would magick your attention away if they thought you disapproved of them doing so. So when Irene saw Elysander enter the inn’s common room—her common room, where she spent most every night since arriving half a year ago, she bided her time making contact. No sense jumping up and down, waving her arms. She wasn’t even sure she was happy to see him.
                The half-elf set his eternally full cask of Vinlandian wine down on a corner table, making it wobble dangerously. Then, tossing his cloak over it, he signaled for a drink. Irene let him get in a few good swallows before she signaled for another drink. Too raw a history to make direct eye contact. Let him come to her.
    He missed the movement, too busy looking around the room.
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Al(tern)atives: Peregrine by who-the-moon-is Al(tern)atives: Peregrine :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 1 2
Safe Conduct
    Ravens spun and whirled in front of the cave, their beaks stretched wide with mockery. They could always find dragons that were out of place and they were hardly concealed here. The torrential rain that poured from dense steel-grey clouds had forced the two sand dragons into the back of the cave, the humans following with great complaint. It was difficult to make them understand that in the sands, there was no rain,  that rain was death.
    Briden dug his talons into the cave floor and moved a little further from the cave mouth, listening to his companion quietly explain the facts of life to one of the humans.
    “Forgive him. Briden lacks patience and you lack understanding. Even a day’s flight in this could kill him or myself.”
    The human made a skeptical comment.
    “It is not exaggeration. It takes days for a sand dragon to dry and they m
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Mature content
Al(tern)atives: Childhood :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 2 5
CapAmer: Following a House Party
NOTE: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR Captain America: Winter Soldier --particularly the cutscene--, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. insofar as that connects to the Winter Soldier film.
“I’ll be taking that back now.”
The Hydra technician looked up and across the table where the scepter was braced, its glowing end still lighting up one half of the lab partition with blue magic. After running through his options, he made the unfortunate choice of siding with logic.
“You can’t be--!”
“But I am. Teleportation is only one of my thousands of talents.” The man in green began detaching the scepter. It took him very little time, but the technician had time for at least one more stuttered question.
“But you were—after New York!”
“You know, I thought Earth had a saying. ‘Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.’ Or internet. Maybe you should stop believing in things altogether.” The man i
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Al(tern)atives: Nature of Relationships by who-the-moon-is Al(tern)atives: Nature of Relationships :iconwho-the-moon-is:who-the-moon-is 2 2
Once More (Other Side 15)
“We are fairly certain we will not be allowed away for some time. They will probably re-hire our bodyguard, who seemed... trustworthy, if nothing else. And you may not be returned to Earth. It is beyond us to guess at.” Tern glanced at Gardeon, who gave no sign of feeling one way or the other. “We have no fitting proverb. We hope your enemy's memories do not cloud their judgment of your current behavior.” His face lightened, suddenly. “We could testify for you--”
“No,” Gardeon said bluntly. “We've had enough interference, thank you.”
“Tell them what you told us of our... feather, then,” Tern said to Vasilis, struggling because this was related to sentimentality and it was hard to pin the outcome of a trial on efforts of will circulating around a feather. “You have our permission to defer blame for the original anomaly and evading arrest to us. We are well out of the way here.”
“You're done?”
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Once More (Other Side 14)
Reading the room was like surveying the site of a new building, having just demolished the old. The Elves were ready to go immediately, Aurora stood with her back to Vasilis as if he had deeply wounded her, and the Iriritamagonian court was still mute.
Tern wondered if any of them believed that he had never intended the anomaly to be that size. Perhaps he could play it up, become someone intimidating, someone worthy of something like respect! And then what? We will become the Vasilis of our land, rejected by Father and feared by all else? How much do we want to become a weapon? We should never have showed them anything at all.
“We apologize for keeping you so long, Gardeon,” Tern said, as Father wasn't replying. “Please, feel free to begin sending your people through, our Listener will vouch for the anomaly's safety and accompany you, if you like.”
Father nodded when Gardeon looked to him for confirmation – and that was the last time Tern looked at
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