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Dragon's Eye

hehe got bored on math class again ^^;

this is a European Dragon's eye, it's been a long time since I last did a European dragon =) to be honest I prefer Chinese/Japanese dragons ^^; but European dragons are cool too =)

jeje me aburri en mate otra ves ^^;

este es el ojo de un dragon europeo, hace mucho que no dibujaba uno eurpoeo =) para ser honesta, me gustan mas los chinos/japoneses ^^; pero los europeos tambien me gustan =)
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he he look at mine he he just kiddin realy nice but realy look at mine ^^
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
hmm... I don't know...

you'll have to convince me :mwahaha:
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Nice done ^^ dragon rocks!
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
:nod: ^^
glad you liked it =)
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esta bueno el dibujo... uh escamas...
Spirito-Sama's avatar
´o_,o esta genial el detalle...
dreamwolvie's avatar
quedo muy bien :clap:
clases de mate hacen milagros con dibujos XD ... a veces
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*sephys-little-cloud took the words right out of my mouth. Asian dragons are a lot better looking, too. =D
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When I look at it, the eye appears yellow. That's how realistic the shading value is. :3

I like Asian dragons better, too. In asia, dragons are portrayed as kind and benevolent, but in Europe they make them look mean and ugly.
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I agree >< asian dragons are waaay better =) european are allright to me, not all of them are evil but most of them are ><
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Nic eye, and nice scales!
I used to draw in math all the time...I miss those days...math is so hard now!
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
hehe XD glad you liked it =)

yup X___x math is hard, but I can't pay attention if I don't do something with my hands ^^;
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I luv dragons, period. That is an awesome eye. ^^
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