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Yeah... just what it says on the title :D

I am sorry to those of you who didn't like the idea, but... It's been 13 years and the truth is, I'm not the same person who I was back then, well... in a way I still am :) but as time went by I've grown and learned so much that I've slowly transformed into someone else, someone who no longer fits the identity of the person who joined this site 13 years ago.

None of us stay the same all our lives, we all change with time and that's ok :) I am not changing accounts because I feel uncomfortable or anything (quite the contrary! I have nothing but good memories here!), but because I carve a fresh, new start; I carve change! So that's what I'm going to do ;) 

Here's my new account : :iconindigodeoxys: IndigoDeoxys

It's like starting a New Game+ after you finish the main story :D 
I'll be adding everyone again from that account, you know how forgetful I can be so if I forgot someone please let me know.

I'm not deleting this ol' account, but I won't posti anything new on this one anymore,  I will also be disabling comments on my deviations after a few weeks, and I will be making a new journal shortly after this one saying something along the lines of "this account is closed! You can find me here now".

Ok, now that that's settled, I'll be off now.
See you guys soon!
*gets into a UFO*
*flies away*
*waves from the cockpit* 

*~ EDIT  ~*
I'm still having complex confusional migraines, but I'm getting used to them :p
I'm taking meds to make them less... uh.. distracting, so now they don't stop me from getting things done.

Weird thing is... I think they may have messed up my head permanentely, I feel like my reaction time is slower than it used to be (or maybe I'm just getting old...), and I had to re-learn how to drive because I lost all the instinctive/ automated movements I had before. I have some issues with my short term memory too, and I've experienced lost time... but somehow, my long term memory has improved! The brain is weird, man...

*~ EDIT 2 ~*
We are all ok!
The earthquakes happened further south from where we live, and our family members (pets included) that did live there only had to deal with a few broken windows. Still... it was pretty bad, we're all doing what we can to donate to reconstruction efforts and disaster relief teams.


who-stole-MY-name's Profile Picture

I will not be posting anyhing else here.

New account: :iconindigodeoxys: IndigoDeoxys


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Sansomon Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday !
HearseGurl Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Just wanted to drop by Sis for when you come around again and say Congratz on your 13th dA anniversary! I also cannot believe we have been friends for about 14 years already! Wow, time flies! :wow:
I hope you are doing good and hoping you are staying well. :hug:
who-stole-MY-name Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
13?! Holy cow! I feel old :0
Hehe, yeah... the good ol' days of fanartcentral :) remember the edgy Sonic days? 

Thank you, sis :hug: I'm glad I got to meet you and that we've been friend for so long!
HearseGurl Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
YAY! You're around! I hope you're well Sis! I miss you!!!! :iconspazhugplz:

Agreed and to many more years!!! :squee:
GalopaWXY Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was searching dA and came across your grey hippocampus and I was like wait- I know this style
Then opened it and remembered your name from somewhere
AND THEN IT HIT ME- you're one of the first people who ever drew my horse character Shaïga :D I still have the drawing saved on my computer! Long time no see, I hope you're doing well :hug:
who-stole-MY-name Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Oh!! Yeah, I remember him :D I really liked drawing him
I'm flattered that you still have that drawing, hope you're doing well too :hug: 
GalopaWXY Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course I do!! And I am :D
who-stole-MY-name Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
Glad to hear that! :D 

Oh! Btw, I'm changing accounts :)
I'm not deleting anything on this one, but I won't upload anything new here.
This is were you can find me: IndigoDeoxys I have already watched you from that one, looking forward to seeing your art again! :)
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hola amiga! Espero que hayas tenido unas felices fiestas y te deseo lo mejor para este año que viene!! :D

ChristmasCard by KmyGraphic

HappyNewYear by KmyGraphic

Blue-Christmas by KmyGraphic
who-stole-MY-name Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Muchisimas gracias! :D
Igualmente :) 
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