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School Portrait

I made this design for another T-shirt contest. this time for see here>> [link]

Everybody has some oldie funny school portrait !!

Pencil Sketch, Adobe Illustrator CS
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I'm currently doing vectoring for an art assignment at college. I found this here image while looking for some inspiration and it's amazing!!

Just wanted thankyou on an awesome piece!
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cara até no illustrator vc manda muito bem adorei ..........^_^
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have a swell day dear!
geewiz mom!
god i love this drawing,everything that has to do with 60's & 50's i love it ^^
Themasterofgore's avatar
wait is this related to 60 or 50 i hope i didnt screw up lol
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Adoro! Tenho uma amiga que tem a camiseta dessa estampa da camisetaria!

queria saber se vc fez alguma estampa pra Dzarm tbm. Vi uma foto hj que parecia estampa sua ou muito parecida.
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i love ur style!
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I just love this design, and I would be ecstatic if I were to have it on my tshirt! :giggle:
For some reason I'm in love with those dorky argyle sweaters. I want one so bad! Course I'd mix it with something to give it less of a dorky feel.
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Cara, ao mesmo tempo que é bizarro/hilario, é uma fofura!! >3

Parabens!! :clap:
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the art and concept are very cool
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Aww kewl! And girls that looked like that got totally hot later on ^^ And all the hot ones kinda let themselves go... funny how that kinda works out..
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I would love a tshirt like this!
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very very nice one :aww:
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It makes my mouth hurt. Those things suck. Oh the days...
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Oh how cute. xD I love this, and yeah, it is like one of those 50s cartoons. Good job. :thumbsup:
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Waaah, excelent! That reminds me the drawings from the 50's I used to say on old comic books!
Nice, very nice!!
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Amazing amazing!!
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Vi sua estampa no Camiseteria e achei que estavam plagiando. Corri aqui ver se era a mesma pessoa, hehehe.

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I love this! I especially like how you've done the blush on her cheeks.
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hahha. Love it. Great style. Great vectors!
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That will make a great t-shirt. It looks like an old advertisement trying to tell customers that braces are beautiful.
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