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January 23, 2009
METROPOLIS by ~whmurai is full of just the right amount of details. The use of colors and the character design is just wonderful and entertaining!
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Illustration for e-magazine.

It took me a long time to finish... but im prettyhappy w/ the results!
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LizzyChrome's avatar
Your skill and talent are amazing in every way. What made me fave though was the clothing and the neon. 
The-Orifice-Oracle's avatar
Traditional renderings of dystopian metropolises never grow old. c:
And while this serves to add fuel and continue such visions, it's a heinous understatement to say that this merely stands out among a legion of similar pieces.
Wonderful imagery, is all. .-.
cif38's avatar
This is awesome on so many levels.
dot-pReDiCtOR's avatar
papichulo34's avatar
I love the detail and style of this pic.. very nice...
Is it just me or does that red head kind of look like Willow from Buffy?
lilrich731's avatar
pushpe's avatar
Aprecio mucho tu técnica!
Damnit-Eori's avatar
Prostitution is A-OKAY!
And looks more like a dystopia to me. : Pc
Assita's avatar
it looks like it was a metropolis!?
weaveroffantasy's avatar
I just LOVE the redheaded woman getting into the car! She reminds me of a devil about to sink her claws into her next victim.
invidentus's avatar
Perfect illustration, directly to my favs!
ZodiarkDarkja's avatar
eye popping!! and great use of the colors, also i like your concept of the future metropolis!
Narcyssus-of-Ghes's avatar
Woah! It's magnificent!! A lot of details.... You are super! :D
^_ ç
Battlelords's avatar
TeapotMysteries's avatar
Your style and work is amazing!!! i was wondering weather you wanted to enter this contest [link] its the theme of the future. and how we see it happening.
RavynneNevyrmore's avatar
I just realized...the prostitutes here accept credit. Genius.

American Express: It's everywhere you want to be.
hahahaha....this work is excellent and halarious at the same time!!!

the guy at the bottom is usin hit Visa card XDDDD

very humurous indeed!! *applause*

i wish i new the program u used....

realli realli love ur style~`

cud u teach me sometime? ;))

5 stars~ =D
Stephen-Daymond's avatar
Very nice, I like this a lot.
loppi's avatar
Wow... amazing atmosphere! I really love how much character the girl in the foreground has in her face and expression!
Legend4ever's avatar
Wow. This is so good. I wish there was a cartoon made completely in this style, it's gorgeous.
lightningbaroness's avatar
I want to live in worlds like this.

Brilliant work, my friend.

And I wonder if a day will come when hookers accept credit cards.

Love the redhead.

Because class is dying out as we speak.
RobinXRaven4ever's avatar
Stunning ! The one red head reminds me of Jessica Rabbit for some reason lol
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