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My Little Luxray

:D Somehow all the fluff and tinyness reminded me of a 'My Little Pony.' Anyhow, this is a commissioned plush in my Sparklepup style of Luxray. Tail is poseable and all legs are jointed, very tiny at around 5 inches long.
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looks very cute!
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Oh my god! I love him, I want him! <3
Great job, it's uber cute! <3
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where did you get that :iconwantplz:
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:O!!!!!!seriously!.....o-o i want it XD lolz i wish i could do that but if i did let just say it will look like it got hit by a truck and didt get god plastic surgery
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Woah! You NEED to make me one!How much would it be for one?
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lol well these guys are pretty small in the 4 inches long range, so he'd be $40 plus shippings to your location!
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How much is shipping? ( i live in woodbury Nj)
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it won't be more than $5.00 tops. I'd think more like $4.75
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I might buy it....... it will take 2 or 3 weeks for me to get the money. ( I have other orders to pay off other plush orders.
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well it'll be quite a while before i can take new commissions anyway XD so take your time
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Oh my god. Excuse me while I DIE.
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This is good! 'u'
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OMG! I MUST have one! Not only does it look adorable, but Luxray also happens to be one of my fav Pokemon! ^^
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What an adorable Luxray!!! Love the fluff!
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aww cute n poseable!
love it
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i LOVE him!!! how cute!!!!!!! thank you so much!
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^^ you're welcome! I'm about to put them in their box and weigh them so I'll get you the shipping cost tonight and they'll go out tomorrow!
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aww its really cute C:
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Eeek cute!! I love the body :D
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