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Lifesize Australian Shepherd Plush

By WhittyKitty
It's finally finished! I've actually still got work in progress photos scheduled to post until next week on my tumblr (… ) if you want to watch it come together. But I just couldn't wait to post the finished result.

Also, if you'd like to see more photos of this pup, check the link >

He measures a total of 39 inches, from paw tip to paw tip. Created mostly from a variety of high quality faux furs, and a few different faux leathers.

All paw pads are are individually sewn on and stuffed, for a realistic squishy look and feel. Includes dew toes. Every toe has a little stuffed claw.

The nose is also a sewn and stuffed plush piece, as is every single tooth. The hardest part about this pattern was creating actual lips that can be pulled back to reveal the top teeth, so that the top row of teeth can remain hidden normally for a friendly look.

Paws and belly are lightly filled with plastic pellets to add weight, and otherwise this plush is somewhat lightly stuffed to provide lots of flop and cuddle.

Overall, very pleased with this pattern! I've kept every piece so it can be customized for future commissions.

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Thought this was a real dog for a sec

Hello! Do you commission this Aussie?

Amazing job

do I bother if i ask you how you made the mouth?

any way you are very talented, congratulations 👌

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Pure talent right here. 
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Gorgeous!! Love everything about this! Those blue eyes are absolutely piercing! And those teeth are fabulous! He looks so dang real!
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That’s really impressive, great job
Il est superbe y a t-il moyen de l acheter? 
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This looks amazing!
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Breathtaking work!
I would be highly interested in knowing where you sourced the blue merle fabric, or if you airbrushed it.
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This is SO cool! I love how realistic it is! This must have taken tons of care and work <3
WhittyKitty's avatar
oh gosh, so much work. but so worth!
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This is so amazing! I've always wanted to try a plush with an open mouth, but you blew it out of the park! The paws are incredible as well. That all looks like a ton of work, but totally worth it! 
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you're sure it's a plush?
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holy shit, the teeth and lips idea is brilliant, really brings him to life
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Im so in love with your art work!! I would love to commission you some time! I checked out your Etsy as well. I dont believe you have ant slot as open  right now. But some day id love a sinple white wolf  :) i think they run about 500?
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You might wanna comment on her journal :) I'm guessing you accidentally replied to my comment, but she probably won't see it, as she won't get notified!
xoxoxivoryxoxox's avatar
Oops, yep wrong area! Sorry!
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Woah, I am in awe of this guy's mouth! It's fantastic! The whole plush is so beautiful and realistic!
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wow this is amazing!
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Love how you went through the trouble to sew the teeth and all the incredible detailing of the mouth. Your pawpads look absolutely gorgeous as well! Awesome work! :D
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