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James - Custom Jointed Plush Doll

By WhittyKitty
Much overdo posting of this collage! This doll was commissioned a couple months back by Lillie-Pop of her character, James. The drawing of him featured in the lower right corner was done by Sacredium

This plush was based on an old pattern of mine that was updated during the process of creating James, so I'm very grateful for this commission!


    • Stands at about 24 inches tall
    • 5 way jointed
    • Wired fingers
    • Painted face
    • Materials: faux suede skin, cotton clothing, vinyl shoes, minky hair

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    I love him! You did such an amazing job on him! <3 James is the bae!
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    Neat techniques here, and awesome result!
    Zombie-Kumos's avatar
    how well do the painted faces hold up? You do they so well and they're sooooo pretty but I think I'd end up cracking the paints lol, either that or the heat here would
    WhittyKitty's avatar
    Far as I know, they hold up great! It’s artist quality acrylic with varnish on top. Did a similar thing to my backpack in college and it held up without a noticeable scuffing through rain, shoved in tight places, rubbed against. I would assume as long as you don’t intend to harm the look, then it’s pretty tough. Y’know, don’t go scratchin at it with your nail or somethin insane.
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    How much do you charge
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    I sent ya a note
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