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TUTORIAL::How to make Transparent BG in SAI

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Published: March 8, 2012
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EDIT 2: Some people have noted that their SAI does not do this. It is because it is not an updated version of SAI that supports transparency. There used to be a journal/ link that I had in the comments which led to a Transparency-supporting SAI, but this link is now down. I do not have a new link; please research and find a transparency-supportive SAI by your own means. 

My first tutorial lolol //fail

A lot of people have been asking me how to do transparent backgrounds in Paint TOOL SAI. There weren't any tutorials on dA that seemed to be as simple as how I did it (there were barely any in the first place so.)

If you have some trouble understanding the summarized pictures, here's some more info on it.

Basically, in SAI everything you draw is automatically "transparent". When you save as JPEG, which doesn't support transparency, everything "transparent" is turned to white, like how you see it when you are drawing in the program.

Adding a new layer underneath and making it a different color allows you to see things you missed, preferably the whites. Let's say that when I added the yellow, Casey's white hoodie turned yellow also. That means I need to go in and color it white or else it will become transparent as well.

Saving it as 32bpp makes all the areas you didn't draw on turn transparent.

Some tutorials say that you have to merge all your layers into 1. That is not true. I could have had 3 or 4 layers on that Casey picture, it doesn't affect transparency.

I hope you guys find this helpfull!
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FalconeXx  ehpgh]dihfva
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StarTrailYTHobbyist Traditional Artist
do you have the link for that updated version? I want it pls ;-;
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claritycat17Student General Artist
I have SAI v2. Does that matter?
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atrum-ovisHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel so stupid for never learning this earlier. Thank you!
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sundialleHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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MoshiecakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you <3 
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ANocturnalBeastHobbyist Traditional Artist
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DerpyButt23Hobbyist Digital Artist
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FistdantilusStudent Digital Artist
Super helpful! Thank you for making this :)
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For those who don't get the popup, 
Go to Canvas (3rd button on top) > Background > Transparent(Whatever you want)
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MiladyPearlStudent General Artist
omg i love you
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dreameroftheblueProfessional General Artist
thank you!
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RubelliseHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't have a transparent option.
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SakuraNightsHobbyist Digital Artist
Just saved me a headache and a ton of trouble! Thank you!
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Yo this helped me so much! I got a commission finished to the T thanks to this!
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SlimyPartyHobbyist Digital Artist
I recently purchased Doxy's final brush set and I had to get a different crack version of sai. But when I tried to make a transparent BG to my piece it didn't give me an option to choose the format. I don't know if it is a different version of sai that didn't allow the format but I honestly don't know what to do because for every Crack I've tried it doesn't really show my saved brushes. Anyways hope I can get a Reply
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Majsalau22Student Digital Artist
I tried to save in PNG, but i don't have this window... :(
What did i do wrong?
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me too.
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profile pic^^ by Sharketter  HALLELUJAH PRAIS JESUS CHRIS
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TurtlemunProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for this! I'm swapping to Sai from Gimp, so I'm used to having the option of transparency by default. Used it to get the background off this!
Arin tired by Turtlemun  
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Dra-The-DragonHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!
It helped me clean out the background in this.
No Lineart Boio by Dra-The-Dragon  
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wow this was the MOST HELPFUL tutorial EVER
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