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Mario Bros 3 Poster with Border



well, Oddly enough, I didn't think about it being Mario's 30th Anniversary this year until after I began working on this picture.  After doing my Super Mario Bros. 2 poster I got several people suggesting that I do one for Super Mario bros. 3.  there were several art and graphic elements from the Original NES version that I absolutely LOVED, and tried to represent here. Probably most Noticeable is the Color Scheme.  Notice Mario is Sporting his Black and Red colors from his Sprite from Mario 3 (which actually looks pretty cool, like he's ready to TCB ) lol.  and Luigi is Orange and red from the Fire Flower Power-up.  I also tried to draw and work in as many Graphical Elements from the game as I could. I always loved "Bertha" the big Damned Fish from the water levels, and also the music Note Blocks and the Infamous Kuribo's Shoe.  anyways, Like the SMB2 Poster, I tried to also give this one a Serious look and feel, as if it were a movie poster for an Epic movie.  I hope you all enjoy it. it was a Blast to work on! a very very FUN poster.  Maybe down the Road here, I will do a Poster from the first SMB game so they can all be hung up together as a set.  
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The greatness is reall in this :D
Incredible work :)