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Recently Played Castlevania Requiem for PS4, which was a re-release of Dracula X and Symphony of the Night! I have beaten these games more times than I can count over the last 20 years, but This time was really fun because of the new Trophies/Acheivements that they added!  I had a really fun and thourough playthrough of both games! (and got all the trophies!) anyways, I was so pumped and exited from it, I went ahead and did a poster for it! (I know I've Done both SOTN and Dracula X posters before, but I really tried to go for something different here!) Hope you all like it! 
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Both classic games now complete with trophies to prove your completionistic tendencies towards both games!
It was well worth the purchase and this epic poster is a magnificent take on it!
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Dracula: I am Vlad Dracula Tepes...AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!! *summons Dark Inferno*
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I mean yeah, getting SotN and Rondo of Blood on PS4 was quite a joy.

It's just... I wish they had kept the old dub as an option. Or at least, made a new one reuniting the best aspects of both.
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whittingtonrhettHobbyist Digital Artist
I really REALLY prefer the original Dub'/ Voice acting also. it was the only thing I didn't really like about this version.  
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Joe-jostar-megaStudent Filmographer
PSP version was definitive dub and faithfully dialogue from original content. I think it's fantastic.
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A few things I'd like to talk about:

1- The PSP redub isn't bad per se: the new voice-actors (Lowenthal, Seitz, Ruff, Vincent...) deliver professional performances befitting from their field of work (anime dubbing) and the script conveys the seriousness of the story well enough. My problem is how it glosses over the fact that in the meantime, the original dub has engendered a legacy of its own. Every Castlevania fan can quote Richter & Dracula's exchange by heart and lines like "Die, monster! " and "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! " have become memetic to the point of being referenced in other medias. By that same logic, the "Spoony Bard" insult from Final Fantasy IV should have been removed as well, yet it was kept in every following retranslations.

2- Is the old dub perfect? Hell no. However, I personally see a certain beauty in said imperfections. For all the things it messes up (the exchange between Dracula and Richter being stripped of all nuance, for example), it does others in curious ways (the items' names all borrowing from Tolkien's Simillarion, the "What is a man" line being an anachronistic, yet fitting quote from André Malreaux). At the very least, that dub deserves to been seen as a novelty rather than a mistake needing to be erased.

3- There's a reason why Robert Belgrade's performance as Alucard is still fondly remembered to this day, even compared to a dubbing celebrity like Yuri Lowenthal. At a time when english voice-acting in japanese games was in its infancy, he delivered a serious performance next to Richter and Maria's VAs (who completely phoned theirs) and Dracula (who really enjoyed being as hammy as possible). It's still miles below Metal Gear Solid, mind you. But compare it to dubs like Mega Man X5 (dear god, what a mess) and you'll see that Symphony of the Night comes off as quite decent for the time.

4- For what it's worth, future games would later honor the legacy of SotN's old dub. In Harmony of Despair, Richter's boss-kill quotes are "Die, monster! " and "You don't belong in this world! ", all said by by his modern vocie-actor David Vincent. A tweaked variant of said line became one of his taunts in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, where he's a playable character. And last but not least: Bloodstained brought back Robbie Belgrade to voice a character who's Alucard in all but name, among a cast that includes a professional dubber (Erica Lindbeck), a movie screenwriter (David Hayter) and a Broadway singer (Rena Strober). Not bad for a musician who's not even voice-actor by profession.

In conclusion: it's fine if you prefer the PSP redub, just as long you don't dismiss the original one as a mere mistake. =)
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Amethyst-PhoenixxHobbyist General Artist
This is such masterpiece :love:
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