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Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest Poster by whittingtonrhett Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest Poster by whittingtonrhett
Where to begin with this one...It almost ties with Castlevania Symphony of the Night as my Favorite Video game in the Castlevania Series.  I was the very first Castlevania game that I played as a kid and it served as my introduction to the series, so as you may imagine, Doing a Full fledged poster of it was no small matter.  Kid of Like my Metroid and Mario Bros Posters I wanted this to really make you think "Simon's Quest" when you looked at it.  I've done Castlevania.  (done it over and over to be honest).  but this HAD to be different.  this was Simon's Quest. I had to kinda listen to the music and shut my eyes and go back to that moment in my living room when I was 7 years old and had rented it from our Local video store for the first time. I had to think about and remember what it was like trudging through Forests and Marshes and Caves looking for the body parts of Dracula.  It was a game that had an alure all it's own, and really stood out to me.  I got Dracula's Curse the following Christmas, but even tho there was  TON to like about it, I still liked the Mysterious feel of Simon's Quest.  Even now I am sure there are a few little breakable walls and small tidbits that I don't know about.  and I absolute LOVE that about it.  

First off, to break down the poster, I knew i had to do an outside pic.  I was almost tempted to do something in one of the towns or the Mansion, or even with Simon crossing the Dead River on a boat with the Ferryman, but I decided to showcase the bridge to Dracula's Castle with the Castle Ruins in the backgroud with other small elements that are recognizable from the game.  I gave Simon a Chain Whip because I think that is the more prominent whip in the game. and I Put him in his Classic armor from the Game cover.(This is actually my Favorite Version of Simon).  and Enemy wise, I decided to Include the two Mini Bosses Death and Carmilla.  (Drawn close to the style of how they appear in the game.)  I also used the werewolf and Merman and Ghost and Skeleton from the game as well and tried to stick pretty close to their Color Pallets from the game.  

Since I am doing Posters in this Style of Castlevania 1,2, & 3, I have decided to keep some elements consistent for all three posters.  (I.E. Filmstrip at the sides and the Pillars).  the Pillars are almost one of my favorite parts of the Posters because of how I am chosing to use them to display what era of Castlevania we are in.  in the first Castlevania Poster the pillars still appear weathered and have tattered red Curtains hanging from them. When we see them here in the Simon's Quest, I made them damaged and broken like how they appear in the Background of Dracula's Castle in the game.  (for Dracula's Curse, I plan to feature the pillars are new and robust with completely in-tact Curtains and drapery hanging from them, since CV3 takes place 100 years prior to Simon's Romp through the Castle, and i would like to think the Castle might be in a bit better shape.) I used the exact Wording from the Intro to Simon's Quest for the wording at the top.  I always liked it pretty well. and last but certainly not least is the Simon's Quest Logo. I actually had to re-create it referencing a low-resolution Simon's Quest logo from a Google Search.  (it is damn near impossible to find a high-quality one online).  but I made this one, and it worked well for what I needed, even tho it isn't exactly perfect.  

Well, anyways I hope you all like it.  I am very pleased with it personally.  Be looking for my Next Poster of Dracula's Curse  that I will be working on next! and if you are interested in purchasing this as a 11x17 size print, I am going to have it available on my Etsy Shop:…
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FisherMoraes Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
Great Man!! Awesome!! Would you mind uploading a copy without the title and letters? I would like to use this image as a label for a repro I'm doing, but I think the title should be on the upper part for a label. Thanks!!
1NF3RNU5 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great cover!
Roadkill-Sarny Featured By Owner May 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Freakin' awesome, man! This kicks the original box art's ass ten times over!
Pokie-Punk Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY GAWD ! Awesome !!! ♥
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