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Official Megaman Poster by whittingtonrhett Official Megaman Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 36 4 Castlevania Side Heroes Poster by whittingtonrhett Castlevania Side Heroes Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 68 6 Nathan Graves Character Page by whittingtonrhett Nathan Graves Character Page :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 17 1 Mario - Hope is Kindled by whittingtonrhett Mario - Hope is Kindled :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 41 6 Simon Belmont Captain N Poster by whittingtonrhett Simon Belmont Captain N Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 35 6 King Mickey by whittingtonrhett King Mickey :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 50 4 Kingdom Hearts Poster by whittingtonrhett Kingdom Hearts Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 120 5 Aerith Progression pic  by whittingtonrhett Aerith Progression pic :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 24 0 Chip and Dale by whittingtonrhett Chip and Dale :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 27 3 Sora Kingdom Hearts Progression by whittingtonrhett Sora Kingdom Hearts Progression :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 16 0 Cloud Strife KH 2018 by whittingtonrhett Cloud Strife KH 2018 :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 38 1 Castlevania Requiem Poster by whittingtonrhett Castlevania Requiem Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 43 4 Santa Progression by whittingtonrhett Santa Progression :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 6 0 Christmas Poster 2018 Official by whittingtonrhett Christmas Poster 2018 Official :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 14 0 Haunted Castle Poster by whittingtonrhett Haunted Castle Poster :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 41 4 Akmodan Character Page  by whittingtonrhett Akmodan Character Page :iconwhittingtonrhett:whittingtonrhett 10 0


Vivi the Black Mage by BW-Straybullet Vivi the Black Mage :iconbw-straybullet:BW-Straybullet 68 1 Toon Link's Struggle by S-K-Sama Toon Link's Struggle :icons-k-sama:S-K-Sama 85 9 Devil by Alaiaorax Devil :iconalaiaorax:Alaiaorax 482 29 Mortui Vivos Docent by Whiluna Mortui Vivos Docent :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,159 59 gothic 24/7 by Whiluna gothic 24/7 :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 871 21 baroque af 3 by Whiluna baroque af 3 :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 996 20 baroque af 2 by Whiluna baroque af 2 :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,047 22 Castellum by Whiluna Castellum :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 2,875 231 VALMANWAY +1 by Kandoken VALMANWAY +1 :iconkandoken:Kandoken 277 13 The Forgotten Castle by Pyrogas-Artworks The Forgotten Castle :iconpyrogas-artworks:Pyrogas-Artworks 489 44 Obscurus by Pyrogas-Artworks Obscurus :iconpyrogas-artworks:Pyrogas-Artworks 946 58 Trevor by freyleiff Trevor :iconfreyleiff:freyleiff 97 4 Trevor Belmont by RaghavAT Trevor Belmont :iconraghavat:RaghavAT 88 18 Castlevania Tides Of Times November 2018 by houssamica Castlevania Tides Of Times November 2018 :iconhoussamica:houssamica 14 0 Trevor Belmont Portrait (b+w) by Botticella89 Trevor Belmont Portrait (b+w) :iconbotticella89:Botticella89 197 27 Chocobo Gallery Update by Reinhold-Hoffmann Chocobo Gallery Update :iconreinhold-hoffmann:Reinhold-Hoffmann 10 0



Official Megaman Poster
This idea hit me out of the Blue (no Pun intended). But I wanted to draw a smaller, cute kinda Megaman, that was more in-line with how his old NES Sprite looked, and I came up with this whole set up, of Megaman being Energized and ready in a Capsule in Dr. Light's Laboratory, and he's all charged up and ready to take on the Six Original Bosses from the First game (as seen on the Monitors on the sides)...I don't hardly ever Draw Megaman, so what do you all think? if this one gets enough likes or shares I may do more art of Megaman like this...
Castlevania Side Heroes Poster
When there is No Belmont Available, there are many others to heed the Call of Fate, and Journey to the Demon Castle to Confront Evil incarnate, Dracula! - After doing my Belmont Clan poster last year I really wanted to do a big poster of all the other Non-Belmont Playable Characters in the Castlevania Series! I absolutely LOVED making this one! it gave me a chance to draw many characters I have never Even considered trying my hand at drawing before! This one was a Labor of Love, and I hope you all really Enjoy it! (Maybe for my next big Group picture like this I'll do one of Dracula and all the big Castlevania Bosses from the games! 
Mario - Hope is Kindled
I got this idea before bed a couple of nights ago...I got to thinking first of all, that I wanted to Draw Mario with the red overalls with the Red and White colors with the Fire Flower Power-up, and do some cool dramatic lighting...but then I got the idea of what if I drew the scene where Mario first discovers the power of the Fire Flower...?  like all Hope is lost, and Toad is ready to give up the Fight, and then Mario touches the Fire Flower, and BOOM! Magic happens, and he realizes he now has the power to take on Bowser and his invading army, and he now has a chance to save the Princess and her Mushroom Kingdom...I really wanted to do this a comic page rather than poster, because I was trying to capture an exact Scene, and it needed Dialogue.   What do you all think?  let me know in the comments! I would love to do other One-Shot pages/Scenes like this from other games like Zelda or Castlevania! 
Simon Belmont Captain N Poster
I've wanted to draw this version of Simon Belmont for a long time.  Most people Hate it, but I absoluely loved the Captain N cartoon as a kid, and I never thought this version of Simon was all that bad.  this is actually the first time I've drawn him like this.  Even as a Kid I still drew him how he looked on the cover of Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest.  This was a fun little poster to make tho! I finished it over the course of 3 days. and half way thought I thought it would be cool to make it like one of the old NES Action Series  Game Covers. In terms of the actual art on the poster, I tried to use almost NO textures like I usually do, and tried to go for a more cartooy, animated sorta feel.  I watched a few episodes of the Old Captain N cartoon that featured Castlevania and Simon and Dracula, and I really referenced those designs of the characters and places for this poster.  the Actual Castle has a bit of a choppy pixelly look to it, but I thought that kinda worked out since we were dealing with a NES era game that sometimes would use pixelated graphics in the actual show. so it worked out...  so I kinda went for that Style with this for the overall design.  what do you all think? Love it? Hate it? let me know in the comments! I had a lot of fun making this one, and should have prints available after the first of the year! 


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Rhett Whittington
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I am a Freelance artist who works part time in retail until I get on full time as a designer or can establish myself well enough, that I can quit my day job and live off freelance work...I play lots of Video Games (Mostly RPG's) and read and draw comic books and watch movies and occasionally write Fantasy fiction


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