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Sarah felt that something was up. She had arrived in the Labyrinth, and she had yet to find a single goblin. It was quiet and for some reason, it had her scared. So scared she almost skipped setting up her prank.
“Jareth!” she shouted as she wandered the castle’s halls. She poked her head in his room and found the glittery git face down on the four post bed. “Jareth,” poke-poke-poke, “Goblin King?”
“Kingy under spell,” squeaked a tiny goblin.
Sarah blinked. “Spell?”
“Sleepy spell. Boss-lady has to give smooches to wake him,” it answered.
Sarah glanced at Jareth’s face, noticing a not so subtle quirk of his lips. She sat down and tapped his nose lightly.
“I glued chicken feathers to your throne,” she said.
The fae poofed away instantly a faint, “Sarah!” vibrated through the castle. She shamelessly fell backwards laughing.
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April Fools is Canceled/Hero in Emerald
Fury had had it up to here. After suffering through the results of Loki’s antics on April Fools, failed attempts of imprisoning the God, and an event that people only referred to as “the confetti blizzard” in hushed tones; the man called Darcy into his office.
“Just get him away for the day,” Fury ordered; though as Darcy replayed the demand, it sounded like a plea.
Darcy crossed her arms over her chest. “Well excuse me, but hello! I, mortal, can’t keep him, magical god, to stay put unless he wants to. Remember the poofing thing? Can’t stop that.”
“Lewis, I do not want to see Loki Friggason in this building tomorrow. I do not care how you do it, just that you succeed,” Fury stated in a clipped tone.
“If I succeed and survive, I better get that raise I’ve been requesting,” Darcy pointed out.
Fury held up six fingers. “Succeed and your bonus will have that many digits.”
The message Darcy sen
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Homework Files: Choosing Devotion
Standing there in the cold, she could understand why she was staring down the barrel of a gun. She recruited him, had a hand in building his empire and persona, and in the end, she was the one who shattered his heart by choosing her job over him. The passing of the years wouldn’t lessen his hurt, and her busting the smuggling ring wouldn't help win back his favor. The man standing in front of her wasn’t the man that she had known while undercover. He was harsher, more crazed. His obsession with her was still there, but he was following orders despite his distaste.
Given his appearance, one would never guess that such a lethal looking man was forced to smuggle weapons by the Russians. He stood like a devil in a black pinstripe suit with a black dress shirt and a green tie served as the only color on him. The man dressed for power and looked like murder. Though behind the persona – the classic suit and status in the underground – his eyes still shone with adoratio
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Goblins Hanging Mistletoe
When Sarah got home from classes, she found the goblins had taken over her apartment. Several wads of tinsel scampered across the floor and it took Sarah a minute to realize that the goblins got into the decorations. No different than some cats, she found a horde of goblins making themselves at home in the Christmas tree while a separate horde raided her kitchen. All forms of messes were in her apartment – from ruined cooking attempts of hot chocolate, burnt cookies, and a demolished fruitcake. On the other hand though, the mass of greenery that exploded in her living room did look pretty.
All in the center of the mess, watching over the creatures with amusement was Jareth.
“Mind telling me why your minions are created chaos in my home?” Sarah inquired.
“The goblins were attempting to decorate for Yule and wanted to extend their decorating to your humble abode,” Jareth replied.
She looked around the living room. “Uh huh…”
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Mature content
A Blushing Christmas (Fandom Holidays 2015) :iconwhitexblackrose:whiteXblackrose 4 8
Santa Thor Fandom Holidays 2015
Thor felt ridiculous but honored. As per tradition, he was dressed up in the same outfit as the other Avengers who came with to the Children’s Hospital but some way, some how, he had been talked into taking Santa’s place when the man who normally did it called in sick. So instead of being the hero in an elf outfit, he was the jolly old guy who was lacking the fat suit. (Since it did not fit.)
“You’re not Santa,” a child commented. He was one of the sickest in the room; the nurses had the cancer patient rolled in on a bed just so he could be a part of the fun.
Thor smiled at the child. “Santa asked me if I could fill in for him.” As he spoke, he dug around in the sack for a present for the boy.
“Let someone else have it,” the boy reasoned. “I’m lucky to live through the night.”
Thor paused and turned his full attention to the boy. “Oh?”
“Doctor calls it ‘relapse.’ I was given a few mont
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Avengers First Thanksgiving
Loki blinked and leaned forward. “Let me get this straight. We’re celebrating the first act of illegal immigration in this country by some religious fanatics who later kill those,” he motioned to the book – a children’s Thanksgiving book, “friendly Indians.”
“Darcy, what are you feeding Smurf now?” Tony complained.
The woman didn’t blink when the billionaire stood over her. “Giving him a well rounded politically correct history lesson,” she responded. “And Loki, don’t insult the natives. We aren’t in India.”
Thor stared at his brother with an expression that was conflicted. He had listened in thinking that Loki was going to get a similar explanation of the holiday that Jane had given him.
“I mean c’mon, Stark. This is just one huge buying scheme that’s cleverly renamed because ‘Christmas part 1’ doesn’t sound good. FDR established it at the stores request
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The War of Black Friday - Fandom Holidays 2015
Tony called it hilarious, Jane called it practical, Thor called it a fun war but it was unofficially known as the War of Black Friday. Normally it was a free for all but this year Black Friday shopping had a goal. Thor had been voted as the Avenger in charge of getting the gifts for a children’s hospital. So with list in hand, everyone prepared for humor.
After Thor’s appearance in the line at the store, the group actually got offered the first spot in line. Tony signed autographs too along with Thor and Loki but he came with a camera to capture what would be known as, “The Glorious War of the Black Friday.” Also known as, Thor is a scarier Black Friday shopper than grannies and stay at home moms duking it out over the last waffle iron.
When the doors opened, the group of five led the stampede. While Jane pulled Thor toward the departments that had items on the list, Darcy tugged Loki to the electronics to get the other half of the gift list.
Thor, though, was i
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Sign of Five C5
The cellphone chimed for the fifth time in ten minutes and John shoved the device in his desk. It wasn’t the busiest day the clinic had in a while, but it was his first full day back. The chime happened again but shortly afterward there was a knock.
The receptionist poked her head in. “Dr. Watson, you have a visitor.”
“Tell whomever they’ll have to wait,” he answered.
The woman glanced down the hall nervously. “He doesn’t look like the kind of visitor who will wait.”
John blinked and got up. He looked in the direction the receptionist was looking in and groaned. “I’ll be taking an early lunch,” he told her while grabbing his wallet and cellphone from his desk. On his way out he motioned for Vasha to take it outside.
The man had cleaned up and dressed down to avoid standing out. The jeans and band shirt made the Russian look like a young man in his twenties instead of a man in his mid thirties. If not for knowing wh
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The Revenge Speech
    John scanned the room as people filtered in. It was the day of Sherlock’s wedding and people were arriving at the hotel for the dinner.
    Molly, the beautiful bride, gave him and Mary a hug. “Now, promise to be good?”
    “What makes you think I’ll be anything but?” John asked.
    “John,” Mary said warningly.
    The man raised his right hand. “I solemnly swear that I won’t embarrass you or Sherlock.”
    “Oh no, I encourage it.” Molly leaned in and whispered, “Just go easy on him.”
    John smirked and quickly hid it when Sherlock joined them with Lizzie on his hip. The toddler was hanging off of her godfather looking like the cat who got the cream; or a child who got a year’s worth of ice cream cones in exchange for keeping her flower girl dress on when the child was in a stage when she wanted to be in just her pu
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It Began With Chess preview (S. Holmes Prequel 1)
Behind every man is the story of who and what made him.
Before there was the great villain Moriarty there was James, a genius who preferred books and studies over his inheritance as the grandson of a mob boss. A geek in every right with talents that would make every general and government official mourn the fact that he is not on their side. That is until he befriends an undercover agent, Ms. Sherlock Holmes.
After slipping into MI6 with the permission of her grandfather and on the order of several government officials who saw her talents first hand during a bomb threat, Sherlock finds herself tracking and watching soon-to-be terrorists. One problem, her targets are members of the biggest and most ominous mafia known to Eastern Europe led by a man known as Mikael. By luck she ends up sitting next to James on the plane to Prague and makes arrangements to be his neighbor; all with the hopes that he would let her in to a world of violence all in the name of making him be a hero o
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Sign of Five C4
The door opened and smacked into the wall behind it as Dima stormed in. Behind him were four men who also entered as loudly as their boss. Each pair carried a long box and set it on the coffee table.
Sheryl rolled her eyes and went back to reading her emails. “I’d ask what you’re up to but I think I want no part in this.”
“We have less than one hour to setup the system and get out before Mr. Stuck-up gets wind that we were ever here.” Dima told his employees. As soon as he did, the men dispersed.
With a sigh Sheryl groaned and slid the laptop onto the coffee table. “Let’s go to London, Sherlock. It will be so peaceful, Sherlock. The boys won’t bother you, Sherlock.” She quoted in an Irish bur and groaned again. “Remind me, why did I ever listen to that prat you call boss when he asked for my address?”
Dima chuckled as he opened the box his guys brought up. “You love us.”
“And you exploit that just
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Sign of Five c3
Wide eyes stared at 221 Baker Street in pure awe. Aoife stood in the entryway, excited to see the rooms but scared to move an inch out of Sheryl’s sight. Fortunately, the child didn’t have to make the decision.
Mrs. Hudson picked the girl up and settled her on her hip. Blue-flecked eyes met with brown.
“Would you like some candy?” She whispered. Aoife nodded and the woman set her down. “First drawer on your left in the kitchen, dear. Don’t tell your mum.”
Aoife beamed and darted into 221A. Narrowly missing the moving crew that was taking Mary’s furniture to 221C. Mrs. Hudson chuckled and went outside.
“Sherlock, I told Aoife to wait in my apartment.” Mrs. Hudson said the moment she saw a head of black hair poking up from a stack of boxes.
Mary jolted, suddenly remembering her charge. “I’ll go make sure she doesn’t dismantle any cooking appliances again.” She responded and dashed for the door.
John paled
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Miscalculation S. Holmes 1.5
The night was supposed to be calm and relaxed, spent with music and a good book. Instead the illusion was shattered.
“Boss, she’s in danger.”
Moriarty was gripped with fear that his first miscalculation would cost his raven her life. He didn’t predict that she’d insist on going in alone, he didn’t predict that his sniper would be late, and he didn’t predict that Adam had made the warehouse into a poisonous trap.
Reading lips wasn’t a forte, but Sheryl’s response said it all. The air was full with poison.
“Stay here. Don’t shoot until she does.” Moriarty ordered then raced to the door. He flew down the stairway like a demon out of hell; each step brought forth a memory of Sheryl and their time together in Prague. Their weekly chess matches, the first time she saved his life, the first time he saw her cry, the night they exchanged blackmail information as insurance, the first kiss he got from her, first kiss he stole
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Sign of Five c2
The echo of heels crashed down the historic corridor. Professor Ruth Sholto rushed down the hall despite the tight skirt and heels she wore. If not for her flushed look from running, the middle-aged woman looked flawless between blonde hair and manicured nails. When the security guard saw her, Sheryl noted that the look was far from professional.
The woman looked in the crate Sheryl brought and hazel eyes widened. It was nothing of immense value, merely a sculpture but it shook the woman to her core. Without a word she grabbed the woman’s left hand and flashed a black light on Sheryl’s wrist, recoiling when she was met with a snowflake made from the design of blood drops.
“This should be in private,” Sheryl said while pushing down the cuff on her shirt.
The professor nodded in agreement and ushered the younger woman into her office down the hall. The door closed and Sheryl made herself comfortable while Ruth wrung her hands.
“Apologies for using the first
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S. Holmes 2.5 - What is Moriarty up to?
Author's Note: The Moriarty side stories do contain small spoilers for the cannon story and for S. Holmes #4. Read at your own delightfully suspenseful risk.
‘I’m too old for this shit.’
He stood in front of a child, one hand held onto his firearm and his other hand clutched the bullet wound in his side – a bullet that was intended for the blue eyed brunette girl he shielded. He had to hand it to the kid; at that age he would have bawled his eyes out from fear. Instead, the brunette stood behind him mutely. A tiny hand clutched the fabric of his suit but that was all she did. She didn’t shake, she didn’t cry, and she didn’t run. She stood deathly still and glared in the direction the bullet came from.
He wanted to chuckle. ‘Just like her mum.’ In his ear he heard a second pop that came from the other end of the line.
“We got him, boss.” He heard through his headset.
“I’m taking the girl home.” He answer
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Mlem by sigeel Mlem :iconsigeel:sigeel 1,174 104 The Unlucky Family by Hellanim The Unlucky Family :iconhellanim:Hellanim 308 36 GND 2018 Valentine - Of Trust and Black mark(er)s by Pika-la-Cynique GND 2018 Valentine - Of Trust and Black mark(er)s :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 717 75 ~ NaLu ~ by LeonS-7
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While in my MFA I went nuts on my blog-a-book On Your Own Accord. As in, I wrote the prelude to where I currently am at on the blog-a-book, wrote an extremely detailed series bible, some sketches of locations, and made some humorous videos explaining where the idea came from.

Writing this series was always my plan A besides teaching online. It’ll take a while before I get to the level I want to be but there’s the small dream that I’ll get organized enough to make a website solely for the blog-a-book and fun add-ons.

This is the thing I want to turn into a franchise. OYOA is mythology on steroids. In the upcoming months, I’ll make videos explaining this better but short version is that I couldn’t pick which myth to follow on vampires and decided to add them all while adding some Celtic mythology inspirations.

...which means I have to revise the OYOA chapters I already have up.

Creative chaos for good underway.


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