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My Bio
Current Residence: The Turtles' Lair, New York City sewer system, NYC, NY
Operating System: Currently Windows XP with Service Pack 3. TOTALLY better system than Win Vista! IMHO.
Shell of choice: Turtle shell (is there any other kind?!) ;)
Favourite cartoon character: Raphael of the TMNT, Throttle, leader of the Biker Mice From Mars and Razor of the SWAT Kats (though I adore his partner and pilot, T-Bone, too).
Personal Quote: "Okay, now THIS is getting way PAST ridiculous..............."

Favourite Visual Artist
Professionally: Wendy Pini, Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, Terri Smith and Chris Allen. Fan-artists: Tigerfog, Sneefee, Sarahcat (Queen Simia (I think)) aaaaand LOTS of others!
Favourite Movies
Anything TMNT, Lord of the Rings, Disney; etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Any and all TMNT Toons, as well as Toons about the Biker Mice and the SWAT Kats, as well as the Animal Cops shows, and history documentaries and cop shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alabama (yeah, I know that they're retied now! I still like 'em bunches!), Garth Brooks, the Beatles; etc.
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings books, as well as anything Elfquest or TMNT
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite Games
ANYTHING TMNT, Biker Mice, SWAT Kats or Legend of Zelda-related!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Anything Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Paper, pencils, pens, markers, scanner; etc.
Other Interests
Drawing, writing, playing with my beloved Chihuahua, Pedro, horse-back riding, archery, watching my fave cartoons; Biker Mice, SWAT Kats, TMNT
........But I'm afraid that my "Donnie's Lab" TMNT Forum over at Proboards is no more.  I'm not entirely sure WHY it was taken down by the Proboards Staff, although they DID send me a notification to my Admin's Inbox at the forum, and a later e-mail notification to my regular e-mail addy, but, due to different reasons, I didn't get around to checking either one til it was too late, and the forum was already gone. As y'all can imagine, I'm still rather stunned by this, but, at THIS point, there's not a whole heckuvva lot that I can do to get it back.  And, unfortunately, while it was great fun, and a great experience, I just have too much goi
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Well, after a bit of hestiation on MY part, I decided to take the plunge and get my very forum forum over at the ProBoards Forum host site.  And, simnce there seemed to be NO forum for our dear TMNT genius, Donnie, I decided that THAT was a bit unfair (as his brother EACH have at LEAST one fo their own, and LEO has at least TWO for him alone!), I dedicated it to him. And here is the LINK to to it: http://donnieslab.proboards.com/index.gci What you'll see ISN'T all of it (I THINK that you have to be a REGISTERED member TO be able to see the whole thing), but guests DON'T have to log IN TO be ABLE to see it (which IS a GOOD thing). So, IF y
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Okay, what I'm thinking (very seriously) of doing is getting ANOTHER page here at DA STRICTLY for my fancomic(s) (and AngelQOC, YOU are SO getting the credit ("blame") for this idea...BESIDES being the INSPIRATION for it!), and I just want to know if you guys think it's a good idea (translation: worth MY time to do), or should I just post them in my current page (like lots of other artists do). I really kinda/sorta wanna do this, but I'm unsure about the whole thing. Also, I'll be asking for ideas as to NAMES/titles for my potential comic's page here. So start throwing stuff at me, gang (just not TOO hard, as I bruise fairly easily...fur or
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Happy Birthday! :party:

Again! Hehe!

Seriously, I hope you're okay, your account here seems kinda dead... :(
Happy Birthday! :party:
Happy Birthday. :)
Merry Christmas!
Happy birthday, Big sister