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The Animal- Wolfen

Here is my first painting in a looooong time! One of the 'werewolves' from the ol' 80's movie 'Wolfen'.
It's supposed to be a scene near the end, with the church tower in the background ( That was their hideout).

This was done for this months contest in the group WerewolvesAtHeart [link]

done with acrylics on canvas paper

Oh also Disturbed's song THE ANIMAL helped inspire me to do this :]

Artwork © Me
Please give me credit if you decide to use it or recreate it, Thanks :)
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© 2011 - 2021 whitew3r3wolf
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the wolfens are still roaming free by the end of the movie, and the killings will continue go on...
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Indeed they shall... *dun dun duuuunn*
haha :) Thanks for looking~
do you know if the novel ends the same? Have you heard from anyone who read the book?
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I'm not sure if it ends the same, but I have heard that the book is waaaaay better haha :)
so, basically, Wolfens, being supernatural, cannot die.

They can't even be exorcised?
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hmm... that's a good question! I'm not sure
in the novel, the Wolfen CAN DIE!
Beautiful I have this movie, it very good (not quite a werewolf movie but there is reference to lycanthropy).
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Thank you C:~
It is a pretty good show, and your right it really isn't :XD: I was pushing the envelope on that one haha =P
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For the animal's soul is mine
And the world around will never hear your cries
An unholy crime
And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight!!!
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Rock on brother... Rock on....
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Nice one, you are talented !
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Thanks! :)
and thank you for the fav as well :D
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Pretty. Curious about the movie.. never seen it.
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Thanks! :D Just one of those great cheesey horror films :3 but they use real wolves in it none the less! :)
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gotta say that your a good painter. looks awsometastic! and yes thats a word. now.
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Awe thanks LT That means a lot! :D
... and might I say that is a pretty awsometastic word you came up with ;)
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your welcome. and yes it is awsometastic!
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