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that's the website I've set up to host my new series BASTARD as well as a showcase of some of my best works.

Why not host on DeviantArt?  Well, DA doesn't have the versatility I'd like to run my own comic.  I can't really change the look and feel of the place and whilst it's great for getting seen, on a purely facile level, it's also great for highlighting work that is better than mine.  Instead with my own website, I get a place of my own design that offers very little distraction from the world I'm trying to create.

That's not meant to disrespect DeviantArt in any way.  Two years ago, my friend Larry talked me into sharing some art for fun on this site and I honestly wouldn't be creating my own comic if not for the formative experience with digital art DA has given me.  To that effect, I intend to share as much exclusive content with DA as possible, as well as continue to draw and post my dreary little inanities here for the wicked and the lost that, like me, find a community in DeviantArt that cannot readily be found anywhere else on this big blue marble.

So please, check out my series at with new material coming out every Monday & Friday.  And stay tuned here for extra content that you're not going to see anywhere else.

Kindest regards,

So commissions have been going well.  So well, in fact, I need to restructure prices and clarify procedure a little.  Have a read of the "Commissions" box below and let me know if there's any further clarification needed.
So I'm taking the next step and taking commissions.
Get in early before I work out a proper pricing structure and request ANYTHING for just $10 USD.

If you can't spare the cash but really want something, send me a note anyway and we can discuss other options.

Commission details in the aptly titled "COMMISSIONS" box below.


Well, what indeed?

DeviantArt has been about rekindling the joy I used to have in drawing.
Thanks to you lot, we can now check that off the list.

I'm now ready for the next level and am using this as stepping stone into creating a commercial presence and maybe pulling a cent or two from doing what I've come to love.

I've already got some local bands that I've been commissioned to create some art for so keep an eye out for them.

I'll also be going through my gallery and deleting any works which I don't think reflect what I've learnt over the past 18 months.  Sorry if you were into any of them, but if so, let me know and I'll personally dedicate you a revision!

Alright... onwards and into the future we march!

Antonio "White Tiger" Sanciolo
currently uninspired and will draw whatever is asked of me.

just ask.