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TFA- Energyre

Some more of my third OC Energyre! I changed her background quite a lot, at first she was a Transformers Animated OC, then she passed to Prime, but i edited a base so i could do her in TFA style. So, here's the backgroud:

Energyre's great passion was to become a Scientist, and she became her teacher's favourite student, she became an excellent Chemist and she was very skilled in mixing chemicals and so on.
During the war, the autobots accidentally destroyed her teacher's study, causing his death, she got furious and joined the Decepticons to avenge her teacher.
Megatron himself commissioned an artificial Energon to increase his soldier's abilities.
She worked and worked until she stabilized the final reaction, adding Dark Energon (Unicron's blood, a sort of drug and zombie-maker).
Megatron chose her to test the formula, and so her trouble began, after some days she got easily angry, became much more aggressive in battle and even sadistic, and so she wanted to prevent others to become like her, she destroyed the formula, and Megatron accused her of treachery. She managed to escape and she wanders around, always running away from those who want her dead.

All TF: Hasbro
Energyre: Me
Base: :iconautodi:
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torna Energyre con una storia diversa! interessante: vittima del suo esperimento, terrorizzata all'idea che causi altri danni, e ora fuggiasca
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Mi piace di più questo background. Quello di prima era banale
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mah, dicevi solo che era figlia di Megatron, non so cos'altro, solo perché non avevo letto altro a parte quel disegno con quella didascalia. Non mi spiaceva comunque, per ora non ho preferenze
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