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Birth of an Eon: Chapter 2
Having recently been transformed into a goddess, Eon was eager to test her new found abilities. Of course, she wished that she had some guidance; maybe a teacher of some kind. B the only person she knew who could teach her what she could do now had just disintegrated and faded entirely from existence, on her own volition of course. Though the fact that she might have to learn things on her own didn’t bother the fledgling goddess too much; she had already managed to create a tiny planet, destroy it, and then restore it all in the timeframe of a few minutes.
Of course, she knew in the back of her head that everything would be different now. She was no longer just a freshly graduated 19 year old girl who lives with her parents. She could take over the whole world and rule it as a god-queen if she wanted to. Or disappear into her own little dimension and create a new universe from scratch. Or perhaps she could even keep her powers as a goddess a secret; go about her life the way she
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Good morning, Community.

This is the first semester that's truly swamped me with work. Between an animation class where I have to design a full minute long animation for the end of the year and a video game class where I'm drawing all the sprites for my group's project, I've been unable to find a ton of time to work on art for this profile. I'm still finding some time to put some stuff together, but I just wanted to warn that there may be some more break weeks coming up, including this one. This storm should subside once classes start to loosen their grip on me, but for the time being I might have some delays.

However, I'll continue to post to my patreon all drawings as soon as they are finished. Thank you to those who are supporting me on that site; it means a lot to me.

I hope you are all doing well in this rainy season and I hope you stay patient with me.

That is all.

Your friend,



whitestormclouds's Profile Picture
Cazador Clouds
United States
Hey what's up? I am WhiteStormClouds. that's my user-name. You can call me Storm though. I am a macrophiliac: a person with a sexual attraction to giants (mainly women.) This profile is primarily a giantess focused gallery, though I occasionally do non-gts art. I also write, and many of my pictures have stories attached to them.

My real name is [information withheld] and i am on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with exceptions. I also try and answer comments I get, so feel free to speak up. I post every sunday, but you can find my work sooner if you subscribe to me on Patreon (link at the bottom of page.)

Personally, I prefer Gentle GTS material, and I have a love for Catgirls. I really put myself into my work, to the point of being a little bit too involved with my characters if you can understand. I'm not against RPing but I'd like to know you first personally.

Anyway, that's me. If you have any thoughts, speak them. Unless they are negative. then don't.

(UPDATE: The original ID was a picture I found on Safebooru, but this one I made myself a while ago and forgot to mark it that I had changed it.)
---------------------------------my interests--------------------------------------------------------
Another Neko Stamp by XSilverXAnimeXGirlX Rain Stamp by Stamp221 RIP George Carlin Stamp by quazo Stamp - Pink Floyd by Leviamicky Red Stamp by bizarrostamps America Stamp by l8 Markiplier Stamp~ by MeganeSnow
'Old' Music by cheesylily02 MASH Stamp by KenxKao Kemonomimi Stamp .o2 by kuragami Clown Fish Tank stamp by yumi-honamaru

---------------------------who I am------------------------------------------------------------------
Christian Stamp animated by SailorSolar Writer - Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317

------------------------what I don't like------------------------------------------------------------
I Hate Fast Moving Stamps by Spightful Hate Artist's Block Stamp by fear-the-brilliance

that's about it.

I also got a Patreon, support me in the link below! I submit pics there before I do here, and I also upload exclusive content!


Random question: How much do you guys drink (alcohol)? I'm a college student, so I'm a moderate drinker. 

20 deviants said I've never drunken anything actually.
10 deviants said I drink on the occasion. Like maybe on a holiday.
9 deviants said I drink, but not much. Maybe every once in awhile.
7 deviants said What is this alcohol you speak of? Sounds alien and strange to mine ears.
4 deviants said I'm a moderate drinker; I wouldn't call myself a pro or anything.
3 deviants said I don't drink, atleast not anymore.
2 deviants said I've never had a drop of any liquid, not even water. Much less alcohol.
1 deviant said I drink a shit ton! It's like the only thing I like about being alive.
1 deviant said I do drink quite a bit. But not as much as a frat bro maybe


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Can You Request Lori Loud (17 Years) With Exeron Outfit With Mariner Fingerless MMA Gloves (RGB: 35, 121, 190), With Two White Tapes:, With A Logo:, And A Light Blue Aura Power, Please?

Don't Forget The Hashtag #ExeronFighters.
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