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Is it sad it took me six days to paint this? :< I probably would have finished it sooner if I hadn't gotten sidetracked with other projects, but at least it didn't end up left to gather dust in my hardrive.

So, finally, some more original art, this time featuring Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth, Fortune, and the embodiment of Beauty. I'm not entirely happy with how her face turned out, but everything else I'm pleased with. She was described as being a wonderful dancer, so I drew her with more of a dynamic flow than my usual portraits to make it look like she's dancing. I know Lalshmi had four arms, but I only gave her two here because. :)

This was also a great excuse to listen to my colection of Om Shanti Om music (I should really watch the movie someday, the songs are great), especially this song: [link] I actually think Deepika Padukone would be the perfect Lakshmi, I mean just look at her! :love:

Lakshmi on Wikipedia: [link]

Enjoy. ^^
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You have been featured in my journal: [link]