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EDIT: AAAAAAAH, my fourth (I think?) pic to get a header on EQD! :iconsqueeeeplz:

So, I don't really know why, but I was suddenly inspired to paint something inspired by the painting in "The Girl Who Lept Through Time" (awesome movie go watch it). Also decided to use the sudden urge to revisit one of my old pieces from about a year ago: It's still one of my favorite pieces, and it was the first where I tried to experiment with style. Oh how far I've come.

Asian influence! Chaotic swirls and patterns! A more traditional feel with much more dynamic poses! I just loved the chaos of the original painting, like how even though it feels like the world is falling apart it's almost harmonious in it's discord so to create a sense of tranquility. And then I added in two fighting horses and it ruins it, but I'm still happy with it. I actually looked at old Japanese/Chinese watercolors to help with the poses. I know there are some errors, but I was trying to focus more on the flow than the accuracy on the cartoon equines.

I also got lazy at the end and used vectors for their cutie marks. Big Mac: [link] Blueblood: [link]

I'm sure 90% of those bronies who see this pic thinks it ends in violent sex.

Anyway! Enjoy some Blueblood and Big Mac! My pony art recently has been meh, so have something with effort put into it! :la:

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"What took you so long?"

"Wanted to give you time to heal."
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BB - I am a prince! What makes you think a peasant like you is worth my time?
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BM *frown* - Yah might be a prince, but yah are worth less than any peasant.
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Blue Blood's not gonna look good after this
Damn that is an awsome work. Well done! I've been working on a fanfic (well, writing the plot for it, right now. I have a different FiM fic that I'm working on called the "Poisoned Apple" at the moment) where Big Macintosh is accused of treason for refusing to fight in a war he thinks is being fought for the wrong reasons. Just when it looks like Mac's gonna be either executed or banished for treason, he demands trial by combat and Prince Blue blood steps in as the pony to fight him since he was the prosecuter during the trial itself. Anyway, I like the atmospheric qualities most about this piece. It reminds me quite plesantly of some epic painting you see done by ancient chinese painters. Perhaps it has something to do with the way the clouds are done, I'm not entirely sure. Clap  
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This would be an awesome battle. Well, this and Big Mac vs Shining Armor.
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Blueblood uses:Gentleman's charm.....It's not very effective....
Blueblood fainted like a little girl.......You gain 423 bits
Big mac: LEVEL UP! Level 100
Your Big mac is evolving.........Your big mac is now.....BIG MACONTOSH!
Would you like to rename your ponymon?
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Two-fisted, red-blooded farmboy vs. one-fisted, blue-blooded playboy.  FIGHT!!!1!!
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This is so epic. I love Big Mac, his proportions are awesome! :D
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My sisters and I actually talked about these two clashing in a fight, but over how he (Blueblood) talked to AJ at the Grand Galloping Galla about her 'common carnival fair'. Protective big brother-mode was activated!
Interesting..I like.
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Big Mac: Eeyup
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what made you think of this? O.o
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:shrug: I was just thinking of putting two stallions together in one pic. It worked out well, since they're so different from each other. :)
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i like it, its something new
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Why are they fighting? I love your art style!
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So fantastic! Lots of neat inspiration behind this one too. Love that you revisted an older piece AND referenced The Girl Who Lept Through Time. Vary nice work!
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violent sex ftw!
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"I'm sure 90% of those bronies who see this pic thinks it ends in violent sex."

Well, perhaps I'm the 10%. Kick his butt, Big Mac.
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It's like "Atlantic Monthly vs. Field & Stream."

Thing is, I'd pay to see that.
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