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Name: Renji Ishikawa.

Title/Alias: Rezok of the Black Chains.

Age: 19.

Age Appearance: 24.

Gender: Male.

Race: Japanese.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Birthstone: Ruby.

Faction: Wanderer/Bandit.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Height: 6'5.

Weight: 275 lbs.

God: None.

Theme Song:
Voices - RevTheory

Likes: Wandering and Travelling, Being by himself, Tracking, Cutting down his enemies, Stealing from the Rich, Being a Bandit and taking things he needs or wants, Fighting and Training, Getting back at people who wronged him, Memories of his family.

Dislikes: Being Betrayed, Backstabbers, Ninjas, People who fake empathy, Being the center of attention, Being forced to do things he doesn't want to do, People in general, People who disrespect his families name, People who attempt bring him to Justice, The Hidden Leaf village, The Hidden Leaf villages inhabitants.

Strengths: He is physically dominant, He is extremely fast, He has skills in Ninja Tools and any Weapon, He is extremely durable, He doesn't have fear of anything, He is cold and merciless, He uses his appearance to act as a fear factor to scare his opponents.

Weaknesses: He get's careless, Get's extremely violent and angry at the mention of his parents or Ninjas, Has a tendency to go above and beyond to make sure his opponents suffer which takes a long time, He drains his energy too fast, has little formal training. 

Special Abilities: Rezok even without the power of Chakra can control metal objects and make them bend to his will, He has unlimited use of this ability and makes him an extremely dangerous foe. Plus it acts as a back up when he does run out of Chakra during a battle.

Ninjustus: Rezok has knowledge and skill to use basic and advanced Ninjustu, But he doesn't really bother using them in combat due to his extreme skill with ordinary Weapons and Ninja Tools. Thinking of it as more of a flashy act than a actual fighting skill.

Major Skills: Has extreme combat ability, Hardcore self training, Knowledge in basic and advanced Ninjutsu, Talent in every basic weapon in existence, Talent in most Ninja Tools, Has the metal bending ability.

Personality: Renji is highly bitter and distant from the world, He thinks of it as a rotting corpse that just won't rot away already. He dislikes people and hates being in the crowds and hates receiving attention from anyone even if they mean well. He also doesn't like people who fake empathy towards him due to his past, He thinks of them as liars and cheaters who will do anything to receive attention which makes him hate them even more. He likes solidarity peacefulness..unless he's out marauding for supplies, Which is of the usual.

Appearance: Renji has a lean but athletic and muscular build, He has opal white skin with some natural dingy tan look around his shoulders and abdomen. He has a solid chest and wide shoulders and big traps making him look more imposing. He has long black hair with some beads and other things going through it with some solid grey at the tips.

Tattoo's/Scars: Renji's body is covered with scars laced in black and white stitching, Most of them are from battles he's had in the past and the rest are either from training or self inflicted (not suicidal, durability testing). He has a few tattoo's too! and by a few I mean only three. On his back he has a large Scorpion crawling up on his spine and sprawling it's claws on his shoulders. The tail is in his nether regions, And on his arms he has a mass of Ravens flying up his arms..

Head/Neck: Gun metal gray skin tight Skull mask + Black chain mail cowl.

Chest/Waist: Nothing on chest, Has black chains tightly wrapped around his waist and abdomen.

Arms/Hands: On his arms he has the headbands of Ninjas wrapped around his bicep, Two on each arm. He wears dark grey cloth gloves.

Legs/Feet: He wears a mismatched pair of paints made of different kinds of cloth, silk, and fabrics all put together into a pair of pants. On his knees and shins he has more Ninja Headbands. On his feet he wears dark black boots.

Jewelry/Extra: He wears a Necklace with a Wooden charm.

Weapons: Renji carries a variety of Weapons on his body, But his main one is that of his own creation. It's a Javelin, Spear, and Sword in I won't explain but it's pretty darn interesting. His second weapon is the chain wrapped around his waist and abdomen which has 6 Kunai tipped links dangling around his waist and thighs! 

Friends: None. 

Relationships: None.

Martial/Romances: None.

Family: Deceased!

Backstory: Born into a Family of two wandering Merchants/Travelers. Renji was a happy child who loved his Father and Mother and the road, As a child he loved the idea of meeting new people everyday and visiting different towns and cultures and seeing all these different types of terrain and roads. But all good things must come to an end right? Soon his family went to the Hidden Leaf Village as they were running low on food, water, and needs. They were about to forfeit everything so they could live somewhere peaceful and quiet..and they wouldn't have to fight to survive and stay hidden from Bandits. 

But as they camped out that night a young Renji watched how cruel and unforgiving people can be in one short sitting. Bandits attacked his Father and Mother, Killing his Father swiftly before ravaging and then killing his Mother as well. He stayed hidden so they wouldn't find him and they eventually left the scene before anyone could come and help him or his corpses of parents. In the morning they found the camp site and the bodies..and the child. Who was now bitter and cold, realizing how people didn't care and were just greedy and hateful beings who would only help if you could help them.

He was soon taken into the Village nearby and given a home with a Guardian, But he didn't care. No "Guardian" could fix or reverse what the child saw happen to the only people who mattered in his life, And soon he was put through Ninja School like all the other children. He was usually outcasted and humiliated from the rest as they fawned over the great Sasuke. Who was the top child in the class, Soon Renji got tired of being outcasted and humiliated and he snapped on the young Sasuke who he brutally beat down even though Sasuke was highly skilled and intelligent, Renji was just physically stronger and emotionally fueled by hatred and sadness. After this he was expelled from the Village and the School forced to live out in the same woods where his childhood ended, But due to paying close attention to his studies he was still able to train himself to peak performance, without competition or anyone to bother him. 



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