Hey, dudes!

So, a lot has happened in the past month (give or take) and so there's a lot to explain.
Don't worry, there's a TL;DR down below if you want to skip over the feelings and worries ;3

As some of you may or may not know, I studied film and animation (2009-2012) in the city and worked there for a few years as well. My husband (whom I married in 2012) was working from home during that time, which his current job allowed him to do comfortably. A few years ago, my husband got promoted. A promotion is always good news, but the bad news was he had to move back to the location where his job was situated; our small, middle-of-nowhere hometown.
Of course, I wasn't too fond of the idea. For one thing: I'd be leaving all my friends behind, and for another: I'd have nowhere to work. There are surprisingly little work for creatives in a small town, didya know? Also, sarcasm. ;D
But, I was cool with it. I figured I could work online and perhaps focus more on White Space. It was a while after we moved that I started a Patreon account for the comic, in hopes of getting a little extra income while I do the thing I dig so much.

Fast-forward through the next few years: Lived with in-laws, rented a place, moved 3 times, housed/ing unemployed brother-in-law, etc, etc.
Came May of this year, we finally got our own house. Everything was getting to the place we had been waiting and working for; to be settled and hopefully start a family.
That was the plan....up until a month ago.

Turns out, my husband was in deeper debt than he had anticipated he could handle. The house and it's 'fixing up' cost way more than we budgeted for. Things began breaking one after the other which we had no choice but to fix (stuff like the water pipes and electricity circuits and whatnot). All this, coupled with the fact that everything in this small town takes about twice the time to get done compared to any other place...stress is through the roof.

My husband has been endlessly supportive of me working on my dream and trying to make it succeed. I did make a deal with him a few years back that if we ever get to the point where he couldn't handle the expenses, I would push WS aside and work for a steady income. And well...that time is here.
Ideally, I was trying to make enough money online (Patreon, Commissions, etc) to eventually be able to help out financially. That isn't going to be a reality anytime soon, seeing as I'm making $1 a month, lol.

I put the comic and Patreon account in hiatus this past month in hopes of fixing up rewards and goals and whatnot to hopefully get some more support, but since everything just hit us all at once, I can't focus on the Patreon account any longer.
All of the things mentioned above has been coupled with a whole ton of other RL crap that is just running us ragged.

I regret to inform readers that the comic is going to die down a whole lot for the foreseeable future.
All $2+ rewards on Patreon have been taken down and the account has become more of a 'tip jar' for now.  (No more early access or short story pages).
The comic will only update once a week, every Wednesday.
This will be the norm while I look for a steady income to take care of my family. It will be difficult, since I have none of the qualifications or experience people want for the jobs advertised here (animation and film degree not of much help ahaa).

Do not fret~
Never, ever, ever has it been my intention to abandon this little story of mine. I'm stubborn when it comes to fulfilling a dream, and so WS will always carry on in some way or another...even if I can only manage to post a page a month, lol!


RL has been a pain. We're in dept so I have to look for a steady job to pay the bills. Patreon has been downgraded and the comic only updates once a week now; every Wednesday.

Sorry for the rant too, peeps. I felt like I needed to explain everything. Not just for you guys, but as a way to convince myself this is the situation now.

Have a good one, dudes!
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That is so hectic though!
Your bbbbfffff is here to support you though! <3 <3 <3
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