i'msorryi'msorryi'msorry X'''''3

It hasn't been that long since the last one and here I go again OTL
You might have noticed that no page has gone up today (as I upload pages every Wednesday). That is mainly due to another round of sleepless(or restless sleeping) nights I've been going through the past two weeks. As any insomnia-sufferer will tell you: no sleep causes a vicious circle. No sleep -> no energy -> no motivation to work -> feelings of regret and worthlessness -> no sleep.
So I'm dealing with that at the moment TuT\

But it's actually good timing because I was planning on taking a break throughout April since the start of the new year. For many reasons.
For one thing: my birthday! Which means a lot of social activities with friends and family alike. There is also SO MANY games coming out during April and if I'm lucky, I'll get some on my birthday and play them the entire month ;D
(I know for a fact I'll be getting 'Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 remix' and I plan on playing all 4 games on there non-stop~ Why do I know this for sure? Because I begged my husband to get it for me X'3 )
Also series and anime starting up! AoT season 2 anyone?(!?!?!)
And finally: some buffer time to work on some portfolio stuff and draw the things I've been putting off.
This will also be good to hopefully kick the insomnia for a while.

TL/DR: No page due to insomnia. Taking April off due to various events including my birthday~

Thus, White Space will (hopefully) resume on May 3rd 2017!

Have a good one, dudes! ^w^/
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We can't be mad at you or something.
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