WHITE SPACE HIATUS from 1 Sept - 3 Oct.

For more info, please follow the link ;D


Thanks, dudes!
Lotsa love :heart:
Hellooooo WhiteSpace readers!
Just a little message from the author's messenger ;)
Today's update is going to be a bit delayed due to internet problems which creates submitting problems etc etc.
Hopefully will be back to normal soon!

Stay awesome guys!
Hey guys~!

Because of real life constantly interrupting me this week (and the sudden return of insomnia), I'll be taking next week to catch up on comic making, sorting out my health, etc.

Updates of the comic will commence again on the 9th of February, so do not fret! >w<
I also still plan to be online from time to time, so I won't be gone ;D

Later, dudes!
Hey hey, friends~!

In the past I've been asked a few times to RP with my characters within a White Space 'verse with other OC's.
Since then, I've been pondering about starting an RP group inspired by the comic but never really felt motivated to put a plan in action...up until a few weeks ago.
I suddenly decided to give it a shot and see what could bloom from it. So, for the past few weeks I've been working on and off on the group with the help of Yuunic and Blue-Pancakes and I can now reveal it to the public!

If you're interested in RPing an OC within a world inspired by White Space, go check it out!
The group focuses on storytelling and member interaction, so let's create some memories!

:icongreyprotocol: :icongreyprotocol: :icongreyprotocol: :icongreyprotocol: :icongreyprotocol:
Update from :iconabnormallynice:

Hey peeps! ^____^

Just a quick update as you guys may have noticed the alarming lack of updates recently so I thought I'd just give you wonderful people a quick update.

Recently life has gotten in the way of my updating the comic with new and exciting pages in this chapter. This new year has brought with it some interesting developments but not always the welcome kind.


Due to this, regular updates of the comic will be interrupted indefinitely until I can get back to posting.

Silver-lining time though! ^______________________^

Even though there wont be posts, I'm still working on the new pages (and I must say that you are going to love them!)

I really cant wait to get back to you lovely peeps and I hope that you guys understand how life sometimes interrupts the awesomeness that is WhiteSpace and that means I cant share it with you but sooooooooooooooon!

Thank you guys for understanding and I appreciate you patience... you guys ROCK!