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The Breezies Six [DL]

My god they so adorable o3o

Couple weeks i started this project after asking Dracagon if he was going to continue his model.

Using his model as base and wings, i rig it all over again, created custom flexes for each one of the head styles.
Each model has an unique physics model, was needed to do this for the tails mostly.


Gmod users, use the Ragdoll Mover Tool for god sake!

Q: They in small size?
A: No, for obvious reasons if i made them super small gmod users wont be able to pose it. Use resize tool, and scale on SFM.

Q: Can i decompile and take parts to make an OC with it.
A: Nope c:

A2: Decompile dont allowed.

Q: Can i recolor this pack?
A: Nopeeeeee

Q: Why did you made custom stuff for them? I want the stock manes.
A: I knew you will ask that, come back in some days for another DL with the stock manes.

Q: Will be a link on the Workshop?
A: Yes, Workshop DL: Link

Q: You have the image without the logos?

A: Here: Spring Breeze by SourceRabbit
Preview image made by :iconsourcerabbit:

Original base made by :icondracagon:, he as well made the custom manes and tails for they.
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Applejack.exe has stopped working
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10/10 would breeze again
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>< I have a use for these. 
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We can still reskin them right?
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Oh goodness! :la:
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You still have the source files?  I want to make a Seabreeze if you're not already working on it.
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I do have the files but i wont be releasing they for now.
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Unfortunate, but take your time if you need to fix anything.
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Hey, these look cute! Can you do Seabreeze?
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Just a heads up...when using these in SFM try to not use "Ctrl + Z"...
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thank thank thank I was waiting for it
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Welp, my new nightmares have settled in for tonight.

I just hope that Twilight never casts that spell ever again! I'd rather prefer the ponies to stay as...well, ponies.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
but...but...but...Dragonies and Vamponies and ponegriffs XD
DragonBoi471's avatar
Which I'm perfectly fine with if it's done by the fans. If it's done in canon, though...that's another story.^^;
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Well care to share why?

I personally like as it as it's a chance to break from the norm and experience new things as well as see how the characters react to these new things.
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Alrighty then;) here's my two cents:

When a species swap is done by a fan (Either in a fanfic, comic, artwork, or video), it is considered perfectly okay by the community because fanworks are non-canon, meaning it will never happen in the show.

On the other hand, if the show's writers do the exact same thing, the community's reaction are mixed; some accept it, some neglect it, and the others are neutral, but the first initial response to this is shock. They have a hard time accepting that this mere change is now canon.

Remember Twilicorn? That really shocked the fandom when they first heard it would be canon, and to this day, they are still divided on the matter.

Anyway, that's all I have to say on this.:icondragonnod1:
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I understand how that is, All communities react in that way, While annoying it's natural.

I personally believe that anything is a good idea if it changes pace, provided it's not something drastic. Twiliciorn was for all intents and purposes, necessary. She is Celestia's star pupil, that being said she eventually needs to ascend to the throne and judging by how the world is ruled, she was gonna need some wings one way or another.

Eitherway this does not tell me why you don't want any changes to happen.
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Was it fun to make? :D
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I'm assuming we're going to see some other breezies (like Seabreeze) in the Source sometime later. At least Seabreeze for now. :P
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