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Queen Chrysalis (Overhaul) [DL] (Updated)

Update Notes:
Improved textures has been made on the face and horn.
Tail and jigglebone has been updated a little (still buggy)
Major improve on the body holes has been made.
Flexes renamed with the proper name.

Workshop DL: LINK

Been working on this for quite some time and i think is ready to go.
So, in the overhauled version i fixed the holes in the legs and hair.
Both tail and hair has jigglebones
And the 3 pupil size

Preview pic made by :iconsourcerabbit:
Original Chrysalis model by :iconcobbaltco:
Overhaul luna body by :iconbeardeddoomguy:
Body modifications and error corrections by Me
© 2014 - 2022 WhiteSkyPony
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You should try doing King Sombra.
GlacierFrostclaw's avatar
permission to add her mane and tail to my fallout 4 mod?
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How can I use the pony smd of this on blender? When I tried using a pony smd I made on 3d pony creator it only shows the joints
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I tried putting this on source filmmaker, but it won't show it there. 
FlyerbatYT's avatar
download auto rigger in workshop
Lord-Typhon's avatar
There a chance of a DAZ/Poser version fo this being released?
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I subscribed to it. But every time I type her name on Sfm, I doesn't show her. Is there something need to do?
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The model is on gmod workshop, not sfm one thats why.
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Oh so how do I put it on my Sfm?
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you'd have to click the download button on the right of the screen then unzip the file to your sfm usermod folder.  Simply drag the material and models folders in the Chrysalis folder to the corresponding ones in the usermod folder, boot up sfm, and search for the model as you would any other.  You should be good to go.
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The Ragdoll mover seems to be buggy too, I tried moving Chrysalis' head, only for the Ragdoll Mover to get errors, and it wouldn't let me unselect her head, no matter what I did.
chrysalis is soppost to be taller than celestia. just like in the episodes.
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ah finally been looking for this all night
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Just a heads-up...

When I tried to move her tail with the Ragdoll Mover, it caused an error. I tried the other joints, and all were working fine.
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When did you escape site [REDACTED] :iconscp-959-j: ?
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Thats so cool :) Queen Chrysalis is perfect 
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I can't wait to download G mod when I get my new computer next month! First I will have to download steam. I am banned from using my two computers because my parents use them
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Uhh...the game breaks when you Ragdoll Move her.
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Hey , could you tell me how did you make those holes on her?
Cuz im trying to replicate them for a overhaul Changelings model im working on and apparently booleans break everything on blender...
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