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Maximo's Pony model .SMD Pack 1

By WhiteSkyPony
UV Map guide for all the SMDs.
Aviators Glasses
Aviators Wings
A second horn that suppose to work better with fluttershy and flitter mane.
Mane Punk (no jigglebones)
Mane Storm Feather (with jigglebones)
Mane Resource 1 (with jigglebones)

>> Dont forget to credit me if you use it!

Now go and make more ponys ;3
© 2014 - 2021 WhiteSkyPony
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How do you create the ponies, I try, but everything turns out like..

darkbladebrony's avatar
how do i add the mane to a pony in blender from the mane smd?
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So, if we use it to make an oc, (mine would be using Storm Feather's mane only)
we'd only need to credit you on the DL page for the model?
Or for every picture and animation that has the model?
KataTsuda's avatar
Alright, thanks for your reply ^-^
KataTsuda's avatar
Um.. would it be alright if I use only the back part of Storm Feather's mane?
I kinda want to try out that, with a modified version of Braeburn's front mane.
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Yea just credit me for it later if you release anything.
KataTsuda's avatar
alright, thank you ^-^
MyLilPwny40's avatar
i need help to get stuff like this to work for the addon PAC3 on gmod
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Sadly i have never used PAC3 so im not sure how to help. As well is not ment to be used with it this is for piny modders.
Monmonstar's avatar
Ponylumen has tones of manes and tails on the 3D pony creator. I was wondering where i could get those since when i try to compile an oc using a .qc the Wet Mane which i got when i exported the pony, it always returns as an error!
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
You cant use the mesh that gives you ponylumen, it doesnt have bones, besides is more easy compile a new pony with the current source files around.
Monmonstar's avatar
Ah ok that's what I was doing wrong! Its just the all the manes/tails I would like to use don't work with the compilation process as they don't have bones :/ its funny because the wet mane that ponylumen uses has bones when I imported it into Blender I guess they aren't compatible.
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Danke amigo! eres el mejor!
ianmata1998's avatar
Tu eres el mejor de todos los Bronys...
Aunque la verdad no se porque me odias..
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Cuando dije que te odiaba?
ianmata1998's avatar
estube muy preocupado que no me respondiste.
lo digo enserio, tu eres el mejor, lo digo de buena manera.
y se que estas trabajando, talvez en una secundaria o universidad o estar usando el Blender y el Source....
me preocupe porque no me respondiste......
que lamentamblemente dude de que me odias....
hasta puse en mi perfil "√ | Maximo | ♪ me odia y no se porque... "…
perdname, pero estuve preocupado....
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Perdón si pensaste eso, si estuve muy ocupado y casi no respondía a nadie en steam o dA.
ianmata1998's avatar
puedo agregarte como amigo?
te perdono :)
gracias por responderme :D
yoksaharat's avatar
good work max.
i will help the modeler.
Texas-Doughnut's avatar
Thats it.
Im gonna take request for mane and tail.
Fuck u guys.
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