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MLP Scenebuild Props [DL]

By WhiteSkyPony
I been wanting to port this props for over a month and i finally did it!

Workshop DL: LINK

List of the prop on this pack:
- Angel Home
- Basket
- Basket with Handle
- Bookshelf
- Paint Brush
- Round Carpet
- Chicken Coop
- Crate Empy/Large crate (With 3 skin colors)
- Cupcake (With 4 skin colors)
- Farm Well
- Jar
- Round Table
- Apple Tree with Apples/without apples
- Bush
- Fence

All model were made by :iconlitronom:

Port by Me
© 2014 - 2021 WhiteSkyPony
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Hey, uhm... the addon is broken. Nothing has textures and is invisible.
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Error: Material "models/vn_mlp/rd_house/nightstanddrawer/drawerlower" uses unknown shader "????"
KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file materials/models/vn_mlp/rd_house/nightstanddrawer/drawerupper.vmt^

Thats one of the error messages

also you should lowercase everything for linux compatibility :P
wolfe-inugami's avatar
how was this not in my favs.... -fixed- 
l-Miss-Rarity-l's avatar
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what map is this in SFM?
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stage.bsp comes with SFM
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Oh yes! I've been looking for scenebuild props since forever! 

It's my job to find them all! Are you planning on porting more?
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Well, those were all the ones litron made. I dunno if there are more somewhere.
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Thx for porting!
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lol. I was trying to port over the chicken coop for the longest time, but kept having issues with it. now I don't have to worry about it. sweet. thanks. :D
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Awesome, these props will come in very handy. Thank you so much for your work!
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This is what we need. Props for scene build, not more OCs no one will use. Fantastic work here!
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Nice!  Good job!
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Props, props everywhere
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The Balls are Nerfed. :iconpiccoloplz:
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