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Genie Suit [DL]

A single prop with bodygroups for the wings and horn parts, with six skins for each of the mane 6 (It doesnt work for the alicorn wing, only the normal one).

I have to make 2 version of this, the way SFM and GMOD apply the transparent textures is different.

In SFM after locking and putting the suit on a pony if the leg part glitch out, disable and re-enable lighting and will fix it.

Skin order:
1) Fluttershy
2) Rainbow
3) Twilight
4) Applejack
5) Rarity
6) Pinkie

Workshop DL: Link

Preview image by :iconsourcerabbit:
Requested by AstroBoyGF
Tiara Glaber

Genie Suit (Re-Done) by WhiteSkyPony

Image if you want without the logos:
Four Legged Wish Makers by SourceRabbit
© 2015 - 2022 WhiteSkyPony
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Hey is will be fun a update version for the alicorn Twilight!

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is need a little fixe for alicorn Twilight! but the is wonderful!
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Are they with the pony models or just the outfits?
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is there a version for Stallions?
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i downloaded your file from this link:…

i extracted that folder in here: at this picture:

my result: picture here

what did i do wrong??
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!A genie version of the mane six!I'm gonna use these models one day
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Rainbow is the cutest in this one c.c
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could you add the face veil as a seperate download?
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Amazing! I was trying to look for the download before this...
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Great job WhiteSky, as always my friend ;)
Genies are demons in islam
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oye, esto esta listo para Gmod? o solo para blender?
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okay, gracias....
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I don't want to annoy you for asking, but can you post this on the Steam Workshop?
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Will do later c:
Chatterbeast's avatar
Chatterbeast's avatar
It got removed. Please explain.
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Ups, i leaved Friends only by accident, see now.
Chatterbeast's avatar
Thanks. Aaaaaaand Subscribed to model. If you see any messages on steam, that might mean I sent a friend request just in case things go bad. ;)
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Needs a male version :>
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