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Fallout Equestria (GMOD/SFM Props) [DL]

Props from the Ultimate Littlepip model:

It has:
Overhaul pipbuck originaly made by ~Longsword97, complete retextured and fixed errors by me.
Overhaul holster (this time with the gun on it), gun made by =Chiramii-chan
Kinda overhaul rider armor

Attention, the pipboy may be a little bit hard to pose in gmod same as the holster.
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Used your pipboy for my playermodel:…
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hey, diles que tambien sirve con Caballos, yo lo probe con mi OC..(te mostraria una foto, pero no la tome :P)
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Hey, do you know where I can the pistol model without the holster? The model that comes with this pack is merged with the holster and can't be removed.
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Read the description, find the gun on Chiramii-chan gallery.
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Ya, like a few seconds after I posted that comment I saw it. : P  LOL! Thanks! :D
Any way you would be able to make lilpips jacket?
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nice this well do fine for my snipershy
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is there a model with the revolver out of the holster?
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The gun seems to be the one I made ( ), it would be nice if you gave me credit for that please.
(Someone still needs to make an accurate, mouth-held one, though..)
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Yea sure, it could be a good project try to make a more accurate gun for her, maybe once i finish the calamity battle saddle.
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Thanks for crediting :)
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wow :wow: nice ! :D
must try the armor :3
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What can be hard in posing pipboy and holster? I know that some people have lack of talent, but...
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Posing it's not the problem, I'd think.

It's getting it IN to the right position that's the issue.  Probably something to do with the physics model of it being all out of whack.
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